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Key Factors in the Success of Public-Private Partnerships for Health and Economic Development

Theodore M. Hammett, Ph.D.

White Paper

October 9, 2015
Public-private partnerships (PPPs) have a wide range of objectives including incubating and funding innovation, seeding new markets for products and services and scaling up existing markets and responding to market failures in the delivery of commodities, promoting best practices in agriculture, entrepreneurship, transportation, and labor, and improving products and services of all kinds. This paper uses examples from Abt’s work to elaborate on key factors in successful PPPs in international health and development that were presented at Abt’s 50th anniversary event “Collaborations Post-2015 – Where Can Partnerships Take Development?”  held in Washington D.C. on January 15, 2015. There is no “recipe book” for successful PPPs and this paper does not claim to offer one but it does show how Abt Associates has contributed to the state of the art by adopting and further developing success factors identified by experts in the field.