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Meet Our Climate and Energy Experts

Abt Associates’ Climate and Energy Practice is a cutting-edge, in-house technical team with more than 30 years of experience supporting natural resource management, finance mobilization, and climate action across the U.S., Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and UK and Europe.

Climate Action Powered by Data, Modelling, and Evidence

From evidence-based decision support tools to monetized estimates of the benefits and co-benefits of climate action, our experts support the development of markets and market-based approaches, uncover the value of nature-based solutions, and generate trusted evidence to align governments, communities, and the private sector to advance climate action.

Climate Risk Management, Adaptation, and Resilience

Our team works with stakeholders across sectors and geographies to help understand the impacts of climate change, develop risk mitigation plans grounded in inclusive participatory engagement, and quantify and monetize benefits and co-benefits of climate adaptation.

Inclusive Economic Growth Powered by Clean Energy

Abt works with governments, investors, and the private sector to unlock sustainable and inclusive economic growth. We build transformative partnerships by aligning incentives, derisking investments, and mobilizing finance to increase penetration of renewables; enhancing the resilience of power infrastructure; and enabling greater access to affordable, reliable, and clean energy that unlocks economic potential.

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Manuel Bueno
Director of Climate Finance

Manuel has nearly 15 years of experience in climate and impact investment, including the design and execution of finance products and vehicles across sectors, including agribusiness, forestry, fisheries, and manufacturing in emerging markets. Before joining Abt, he was Director of Innovative Finance at Resonance and led the company’s offering to finance clients’ sustainable natural resource management and economic growth. Prior to that, he was a founding partner of the Meloy Fund, a coastal fisheries impact fund in Southeast Asia, and Greensquare Ventures, a financial intermediary for corporate sustainable debt products.

Karen Carney
Senior Associate, Ecosystem Ecology

Dr. Karen Carney is an ecosystem ecologist at Abt with more than 20 years of experience in climate change analysis, ecological restoration, natural resource damage assessment, and program evaluation. Dr. Carney’s work includes a range of analytical efforts focused on understanding, mitigating, and adapting to the impacts of climate change. She also leads planning and assessments of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem conservation and restoration efforts for foundations, and U.S. state and federal agencies. Dr. Carney holds a doctorate degree in Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences from Stanford University.

  • Capabilities: Climate Impact Analysis; Ecological Restoration; Natural Resource Damage Assessment
  • Client/Geography: U.S. EPA

Christina Davies Waldron
Senior Associate, Clean Energy and Climate Change

Christina Davies Waldron has over 20 years of experience in clean energy and climate change as a technical and policy analyst. She has extensive experience with emission inventories and mitigation strategies for the transportation and energy sectors, and has broad knowledge of cross-cutting issues and sustainability solutions. She develops technical analyses and resources for U.S. state and local governments, utilities, and regulators to encourage policies that accelerate decarbonization and electrification while advancing equity. Waldron has been on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Roster of Experts since 2004. She served the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as a Lead Author of 2006 IPCC National GHG Inventories Guidelines. Waldron holds a master’s degree in Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering from George Mason University.

  • Capabilities: GHG Inventories; Climate Mitigation Strategies; Clean Energy Technologies and Policies
  • Clients/Geography: U.S. EPA, U.S. DOT, U.S. DOE, U.S. EIA, State and Local Governments, Utilities

Joe Donahue
Principal Associate, Climate Change

Joe Donahue, Abt Associates’ U.S. EPA portfolio lead, has more than 15 years of experience supporting governments in addressing climate change. He works with U.S. and international clients to advance climate change mitigation and clean energy solutions. His areas of expertise include public-private partnerships, stakeholder engagement, tool and model development, capacity building, and benefits analysis. Much of his work is focused on mitigating emissions of short-lived climate pollutants – especially methane, black carbon, and hydrofluorocarbons – across a range of sectors, primarily solid waste, agriculture, wastewater, refrigeration, and air conditioning. Mr. Donahue holds a master’s degree in Environmental Policy from Georgetown University.

  • Capabilities: Short-lived Climate Pollutants Mitigation; Tool and Model Development; Capacity Building
  • Clients/Geography: U.S. EPA – domestic U.S., India, China, Serbia, Mexico

Sarah Dunn
Managing Director, Abt Associates in Britain

Sarah Dunn leads the team at Abt Associates in Britain. She has more than two decades of experience working to address international development challenges created by the intersection of a changing climate and inequality. The team at Abt in Britain includes climate and environment specialists, as well as experts in global health and governance. Dunn previously worked as a senior executive with the Department for International Development (now the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office) where, in her final role, she was DFID country director in South Africa, overseeing all development programmes. In addition to her strong public sector background, Dunn has a track record of delivering change in several sectors: in nutrition through a private sector foundation, in energy through a private company and in development through an NGO.

  • Capabilities: Climate and Development Strategy, Capacity building, Private Sector Development and trade, Governance, Economic and Policy Analysis, Communications, Food Security & Agriculture.
  • Client/Geography: UK Government (FCDO), Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, Private and Corporate Philanthropists; Southern Africa, West Africa (including Nigeria and Sierra Leone), Central Africa (including Rwanda and DR Congo), the Middle East, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Santiago Enriquez
Senior Climate Change Specialist

Santiago Enriquez has more than 20 years of experience in the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of climate policies and programs. He has supported stakeholders in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to strengthen implementation of climate change programs. In Mexico, he led the development of a system that helped officials monitor the implementation of close to 300 mitigation, adaptation, and cross-cutting actions. He assists public and private stakeholders in mobilizing climate investments. In Central America, he helped commercial banks develop clean energy lending products and facilitated the development of guarantees for more than $54 million USD to de-risk loans for clean energy and other development goals. Enriquez holds a Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard University.  

  • Capabilities: Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Climate Finance, Capacity Building, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Policy
  • Clients/Geography: USAID, U.S. EPA, Green Climate Fund, Inter-American Development Bank/Latin America and the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa

Paul Faeth
Global Technical Director for Climate and Energy

Paul Faeth is a distinguished environmental economist with 35 years of experience in climate, energy, and water, managing environmental research, strategic development, and policy analysis. One of the earliest to focus on the economics of climate change, he led the design of the world’s first carbon offset program in 1989. He has worked internationally and domestically in the U.S. on such key issues as climate risk, electric power, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and water. As Abt’s Global Technical Director—Climate and Energy, he leads business and proposal development for major U.S. government opportunities. Faeth holds a master’s degree in Resource Systems and Policy Design from Dartmouth College.

  • Capabilities: Economic and Policy Analysis, Low Emissions Development Strategies, Power Sector Modeling, Energy-Water Nexus, Agricultural Offsets, Systems Analysis, Simulation Games
  • Clients/Geography: USAID; India, Jamaica, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia; United States

Olga Faktorovich Allen
Director, Strategy and Impact

Olga Faktorovich Allen leads Abt’s Impact Management Program, which works to implement impact measurement and management practices across Abt’s portfolio of projects and throughout Abt’s global operations. Allen has more than 14 years of experience conducting environmental analyses, and has spent the past decade focused on corporate sustainability, decarbonization, and impact management. Allen also leads strategic planning and business development efforts across priority markets at Abt. She holds a master’s degree in environmental sustainability management and development studies from Harvard University.

  • Capabilities: Strategic Planning; Impact Reporting, GHG Accounting, and Monitoring and Evaluation

Lindsay Foley
Director of Climate and Energy

Lindsay Foley, Abt Associates’ Director of Climate and Energy, has over 14 years of experience leading large, complex international energy and climate change programs covering economic and policy issues in the areas of renewable energy, climate finance, nature-based solutions, low emissions development strategies, nationally determined contributions, economic resilience and sustainability, climate change mitigation, and the international climate policy process for government, multilateral, and private sector clients. She is a natural resources economist experienced in cost-benefit analysis, co-benefits analysis, and program management. She holds a master’s degree in Environmental Economics and Policy from Duke University.

  • Capabilities: Economic and Policy Analysis; Clean Energy Technologies and Policy; Low Emissions Development Strategies; Nationally Determined Contributions
  • Clients/Geography: USAID, ADB- Global Director with country-specific expertise in Southeast Asia, Central and West Asia, the Caribbean, Pacific Islands, Eastern Europe, and Mozambique

Jon Hecht
Principal Associate, Environmental Economics

Dr. Jon Hecht is an environmental economist with more than 20 years of experience in economic and policy analysis. His areas of expertise include environmental economics, cost-benefit analysis, regulatory economics, and decision analysis, with a specialty in estimating the monetary value of “non-market” benefits, such as improvements in environmental quality, public health, safety, and security. Dr. Hecht has over 10 years of experience conducting economic analyses of climate change impacts, and in evaluating costs and benefits of climate change mitigation measures. Dr. Hecht holds a doctorate degree in Environmental Economics from Duke University.

  • Capabilities: Environmental Economics, Regulatory Economics, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Economic Impact Analysis, Decision Analysis
  • Clients/Geography: U.S. EPA, USAID

Russ Jones
GIS and Data Analytics Expert, Climate Change Impacts

Russ Jones is an expert in geographic information systems, remote sensing, and cartography, with over 23 years of experience conducting climate change impact analyses. Jones’ work includes modeling impacts to built infrastructure, human health, and the environment for several climate metrics under alternative emission scenarios through time. More specifically, he has provided projections of inland flooding damages, human health consequences from heat events, changes in fire dynamics and associated health impacts from smoke, carbon sequestration associated with vegetation change, near-shore ecological consequences of human responses to sea level rise, and sea level rise/storm surge impacts in coastal areas. Jones holds a master’s degree in Geography from the University of California, Davis.

  • Capabilities: Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Climate Change Impacts
  • Clients/Geography: U.S. EPA, USACE, USAID, Inter-American Development Bank, Rockefeller Foundation, Gates Foundation, various transportation agencies, and numerous states and cities

Benjamin Matek
Energy & Climate Associate

Benjamin Matek has over a decade of experience working on environmental policy related to energy, waste, and climate change. He has thousands of hours of experience conducting cost-benefit analyses for U.S. federal environment and energy regulations. Additionally, he’s an experienced modeler and climate-related tool developer. On behalf of the U.S. EPA, he has developed several tools used to model methane and other GHG emissions. His expertise includes waste management emissions mitigation, natural gas pipeline maintenance, power grid operations, renewable energy development, and oil spill response. Matek holds a masters in Energy Policy & Climate from Johns Hopkins University.

  • Capabilities: Cost-Benefit Analysis; Tool and Model Development; Renewable Energy; Lifecycle Assessment
  • Client/Geography: U.S. EPA; USAID; U.S. DOT; State Governments

James Schroll
Energy and Transport Senior Analyst

James Schroll has six years of experience leading successful research and technical assistance projects for federal agencies, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Energy, Federal Highway Administration, and Transportation Research Board, as well as for state and local governments. His expertise includes project management, stakeholder facilitation, solar, land use and zoning, and sustainable transportation. He works on issues such as climate change, renewable natural gas, energy efficiency, building energy codes, resilience, solar energy, electric vehicles, transit, and bike and pedestrian infrastructure.

  • Capabilities: Stakeholder Facilitation; Renewable Energy; Land Use and Zoning; Sustainable Transportation
  • Client/Geography: U.S. EPA; USAID; State Governments

Caroline G.Staub
Climate Adaptation Specialist

Caroline Staub, Ph.D., is an analytical and strategic international development professional with 10-plus years leading programs in climate change adaptation and resilience, environmental science, natural resources management, sustainable agriculture, and food security across finite, fragile, and/or remote geographical settings. She has worked with multilaterals (World Bank, USAID, USDA), NGOs (CRS), government agencies/ministries, global donors (NSF), subsistence farmers, commercial growers/producers, scientists, researchers, academia, surveyors and consultants, distilling climate and environmental science for use by diverse audiences from HQ to the field.


  • Capabilities: Climate Risk Assessment, Climate Risk Management, Adaptation and Resilience, Decision-support, Climate Services, Climate-smart Agriculture
  • Client/Geography: USAID, The World Bank, USDA, Sub-Saharan Africa (Malawi, Botswana), Indian Ocean (Mauritius), Caribbean

Eric Reading
Senior Vice President, International Development Division

Eric Reading has more than 25 years of experience designing and implementing complex programs globally. He has worked on highly interdisciplinary programs across energy, water, agriculture, and health.  His expertise includes leveraging public and private sector resources and scaling up successful solutions. Reading has direct experience with both infrastructure and nature-based solutions, and a deep background in financing and governance. He has worked in more than 65 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Reading holds a master’s in international affairs from Florida State University.

  • Capabilities: Governance; Water and Sanitation; Agriculture and Watershed Management; Economic Development; Energy and Environment; Scaling Results
  • Client/Geography: USAID; Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East

Jane Wilkinson
Senior Advisor for Climate Change and Environment

Jane Wilkinson is the Senior Advisor for Climate Change & Environment at Abt Associates in Britain. She leads a growing team and portfolio of work in climate mitigation and adaptation, climate equity, and natural climate solutions. A published author on climate change and inequality in Commonwealth countries, and on climate finance solutions, Wilkinson has 15-plus years of experience advising governments and organisations on strategies to implement climate action and investment strategies. Jane was a diplomat for the Australian Government in Indonesia before serving the Department of Climate Change as director of policy and negotiation teams on climate finance, international trade, and carbon markets and separately, developing country mitigation. She influenced the design of the international climate finance framework, including the USD$100 billion climate finance goal and the architecture of the Green Climate Fund. She led research programmes at the Climate Policy Initiative and co-founded the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance.

  • Capabilities: Climate Finance, Carbon Markets, Private Sector Engagement, Low Carbon Development Strategies, Policy Analysis, Sustainable Land-Use, Capacity Building, Gender Equity and Climate, Carbon Inequality, Communications
  • Client/Geography: UK Government (FCDO); European Union; Africa; Southeast Asia


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