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Meet our Experts (Abt Britain Team)

At Abt Associates our experts work on projects that require in-depth sectoral knowledge, particularly in the areas of health, governance, economic growth, and climate change.  We marry experience operating in complex environments with tailored methodologies to help clients understand how change happens and, ultimately, how to effect it. Our leaders engage with projects from conceptualisation to final report, developing practical, affordable approaches to address complicated challenges.  From adaptive management to analytics, from open societies to health security, our in-house expertise enables us to adapt and mobilise the right people to meet client’ priorities today and as needs change. Learn more about what we do and where we do it.

Meet the people who can help your organisation achieve your goals:

Sarah Dunn
Managing Director, Abt Britain
Sarah Dunn, an experienced international development leader, is Managing Director of Abt Britain.  She oversees the UK growth strategy and leads and mentors our UK home office and program teams to ensure quality delivery. Sarah’s experience spans nearly two decades as a senior executive with the Department for International Development (now Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office).  At DFID, she worked in Africa, the Middle East, and Caribbean and held several executive and strategic advisory positions, including head of trade policy. Her public sector experience is complemented by a track record as a commercial manager in the energy sector and work in the private foundation and nongovernmental organization sectors.  She led strategy and partnership development for the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation and was part of the inaugural Executive team at The Power of Nutrition.
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Rosa Amboage
Senior Technical Adviser for Climate Change and Environment
Rosa Amboage is senior advisor of climate & environment for Abt in Britain. She is an environmental economist with multisectoral expertise in nature-based solutions (NbS), land use policy, environmental markets, green finance, and natural resource management. Amboage leads Abt programme design and delivery in NbS, climate adaptation and resilience. She contributed to the UK’s post-Brexit agri-environmental policies and designed its first national scheme promoting a natural capital approach to economic and climate goals. Previously, she was the lead economist of the £640M GBP ($740M USD) Nature for Climate Fund, helping UK industries and communities realize net-zero ambitions.
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Allan Duncan
Head of Strategic Growth and Portfolio Impact
Allan Duncan, Head of Strategic Growth and Portfolio Impact, has more than 20 years of experience in designing and managing large, complex programmes in Africa and Asia. His work has cut across a number of areas, including climate change, institutional development, governance, and capacity building. He has worked extensively in Africa and South Asia for such clients as the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Duncan will lead a new business growth plan to strengthen Abt’s position in our current markets and develop the strategies and internal capacities to expand into new geographical, technical, and donor environments. He also will reenforce existing programme management systems to maximize programme implementation impact to deliver greater value to the countries and communities where we work.
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Leisa Gibson
Principal and Head of Gender, Equality, Disability, and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) and Localisation
Leisa Gibson, Abt Australia’s GEDSI senior advisor and practice lead, has more than 18 years of international experience working for governments, the United Nations, and civil society organisations. Her expertise includes strategic and operational planning, program formulation and delivery, change management, coordination and partnerships, quality assurance, and targeted interventions. She works on such issues as disability, development, inclusive leadership, gender and gender-based violence (GBV) in humanitarian action, child marriage, women’s economic empowerment, and organisational capacity development.
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Mbuso Jama
Senior Adviser for Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning (MERL)
Mbuso Jama, is a Senior MERL specialist at Abt, with more than 17 years of experience . His work has involved humanitarian, rehabilitation, and development efforts in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Partnership countries. His broad spectrum of experience includes impact evaluations and designing MERL and research frameworks for various sectors from health to governance. He has experience designing, monitoring, and evaluating projects funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, United Nations, US Agency for International Development, Canadian International Development Agency, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, European Union, European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations, and private donors. 
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Peter Levine
Adviser to the Managing Director, Abt Britain
Peter Levine, Adviser to the Managing Director, is a multi-disciplinary economic growth and private-sector development specialist with more than 25 years of experience in program management, new business development, and communications for complex international programs. This includes extensive work in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Central/Eastern Europe. He also served as acting head of Abt Britain Limited and oversaw the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office-funded Good Governance Fund: Eastern Partnership Technical Assistance Facility.
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Fiona Mactaggart
Senior Adviser for Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL)
Fiona Mactaggart is a monitoring and evaluation and public health specialist at Abt, with 10 years of experience assessing health programs. As a senior member of Abt’s monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning (MERL) practice, she contributes to program design and implementation, and institutional strengthening in four key areas: research (e.g., survey design), evaluation methodologies (e.g., contribution analysis), lessons learnt (e.g., peer-reviewed publications), and company capabilities (e.g., adaptive management).
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Matilda Nash
Technical Adviser for Governance Practice
Matilda Nash is a development professional with seven years of experience in programme management, business development, and technical assistance in governance and health. She currently supports the growth of Abt Associates in the UK and European marketplaces. She has experience in managing Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) proposals and then mobilising and operationalising programmes that require complex stakeholder management.
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Alexandra Nastase
Head of Technical Practices
Alexandra Nastase brings more than 15 years of experience to lead a technical team that covers health, equity, climate change, governance, economic growth, and monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and learning. She has experience in design, implementation, and evaluation of large reform and technical assistance programs to improve government performance. She has worked on five continents with leaders at all government levels. Nastase has held leadership and senior advisory roles for multi-million technical assistance programs funded by such organizations as the World Bank, European Commission, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade, United Nations Development Program, and Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office.
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Amanda Quintana
Climate and Health Technical Specialist
Amanda Quintana is a global environmental health professional with over seven years of experience in international health and development, program management, and implementation. Amanda works at the intersection of climate and health, supporting the integration of climate change into health programs, climate risk management, climate and health strategy development, and broader stakeholder engagement in the intersecting area. To date, she has worked with projects—such as USAID’s Abt-led LHSS project in Colombia—to integrate climate change considerations into project activities.
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Paul Smithson
Principal and Head of Health Practice
Paul Smithson is Abt’s Senior Adviser for health, with expertise in health strategy, financing, and reform. He has more than 30 years of experience in developing countries spanning a range of roles including: specialist technical adviser; aid strategist and steward; programme manager, and institutional reform lead. Smithson has worked for a variety of national governments, international organisations, and nonprofits institutions. His core area of expertise is health system performance, and he was a pioneer of sector-wide approaches in health. He has worked extensively in Africa, with shorter spells in Asian countries.
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Jane Wilkinson
Principal and Head of Climate Change and Environment Practice
Jane Wilkinson is Abt in Britain’s Senior Advisor for Climate Change, leading a growing team and portfolio of work in climate mitigation and adaptation, climate equity, and nature-based solutions. A published author on the impacts of climate change in Commonwealth countries, she represents Abt in high-level climate change fora and discussions. She has 18 years of experience advising governments and organisations on strategies to implement climate action. Jane served as an Australian diplomat before joining the Australian Department of Climate Change, where she led policy and negotiation teams on climate finance, trade and carbon markets. She played a key role influencing the design of the climate finance framework, including the USD 100 billion climate finance goal and the Green Climate Fund. She led research programmes at the Climate Policy Initiative and co-founded the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance.
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Tom Wingfield
Principal and Head of Governance Practice
Tom Wingfield, Senior Advisor for Governance, has 18 years of experience leading the design and delivery of governance reform projects in Asia and Africa. Alongside Abt’s Global Governance Lead (Graham Teskey), Wingfield leads the governance practice at Abt, with responsibility for developing strategy, nurturing the team and delivering a growing portfolio of projects in different aspects of governance. His technical specialties include subnational governance and decentralisation; democracy, elections, and open societies; governance and service delivery (health, water and sanitation, access to justice); public sector reform; anti-corruption; applied political economy analysis and thinking and working politically; adaptive management; and portfolio and program monitoring, evaluation, and learning.
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Olga Zues
Senior Health Economist
Olga Zues, a health-system and financing specialist, has 20 years of experience in international development. She focuses on the design and implementation of comprehensive reform strategies to strengthen health systems and public finance management. Her expertise includes benefits design to move towards universal health coverage, arrangements to support efficiency gains and service delivery improvements, innovative payment mechanisms, sustainability strategies, and institutional development. She has worked with the World Health Organisation (WHO), World Bank, Global Fund, United Nations, Soros Foundation, U.S. Agency for International Development, the Department for International Development, and numerous ministries of health, finance, justice, and education.
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