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  • AIDSTAR II offer access to HIV-related capacity building services.
  • Abt is leading a team in in HIV/AIDS-related activities.
  • Abt's team provides technical expertise and institutional strengthening of in-country partners. 
The Challenge

AIDSTAR - the AIDS Support and Technical Resources Program - Sector II contract offers USAID Missions, other US government agencies, host governments and the Global Fund access to HIV-related capacity building services in resource constrained settings worldwide. Through this program, Abt Associates has the opportunity to quickly deliver customized services that help strengthen HIV/AIDS services in focus countries by helping indigenous organizations improve their management and financial systems, build local knowledge sharing and collaboration networks, achieve greater resource diversity, and better distribute human, financial, and capital resources.

The Approach

men at table looking at paperworkThe Abt Associates AIDSTAR Sector II team has experience in capacity building, training of institutions and individuals in HIV/AIDS-related activities, including top-notch expertise in all five function areas covered by AIDSTAR Sector II: management systems, program monitoring and coordination, network and linkages, management strengthening of Global Fund country-level institutions, and technical leadership and knowledge management.  Our team brings together internationally renowned institutions with a record of collaboration to deliver high quality results on schedule and within budget.

The Results

The Abt AIDSTAR Sector II team includes a range of core and specialized partners that provide both technical expertise and institutional strengthening of in-country partners for long-term sustainability.