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Bolstering Governance in Papua New Guinea


  • Inefficient governance is an obstacle to Papua New Guinea’s growth.
  • The Governance Partnership includes seven programs helping to improve the country’s governance.
  • A report is expected in 2020.
The Challenge

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade believes that economic growth is vital for development, but other conditions are also necessary. Papua New Guinea (PNG) has experienced significant growth thanks to high prices for minerals and agriculture products and a boom in natural gas exploration, production, and exports. However, insufficient governance remains an obstacle. The government has more to do to improve governance and the delivery of government services.

The Approach

Abt is helping to implement the PNG–Australia Governance Partnership, which includes interventions to:

  • Increase efficiency in service delivery to lower management costs of implementation.
  • Coordinate different governance programs in PNG.
  • Develop a broad and rigorous body of evidence about what works, what doesn’t and why.
  • Increase flexibility to scale up success, scale down failure and respond to new evidence and opportunities.
The Results

The original four-year project was to end in April 2020, but a two-year extension will fund the project until 2022.

Learn more about our work in PNG here.