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Breaking the Plateau: Increasing Demand for Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services in Jordan

breaking the plateauDespite the political turmoil in the Middle East, Jordan continues to be an island of political, economic, and social stability. Jordan, however, has one of the fastest growing populations in the world. For a country with limited resources, especially water and energy, rapid population growth presents a challenge to the country’s development goals.

The Jordan Communication, Advocacy and Policy activity (JCAP), known in Arabic as Tawasol, is a five-year (2014-2019) USAID-funded activity led by Abt Associates that contributes to changing the behavior of families in Jordan to increase the acceptability of, demand for, and use of family planning and reproductive health services as a key component of national development.

JCAP works with two main counterparts – the Higher Population Council and the Ministry of Health – and with other partners from the government and non-governmental sectors. The project adopts evidence-based and innovative approaches to enhance the policy environment under which family planning and reproductive health services are delivered. JCAP also addresses local and long-standing socio-cultural barriers to family planning through innovative strategies tailored to the Jordanian context.

Interventions emphasize the integration of female empowerment and male engagement and look to engage youth and reach out to Syrian refugees.

JCAP works to:

  • Build the capacity of civil society organizations to plan and implement social and behavior change communication and advocacy at the grassroots level;
  • Design and execute multi-channel communication campaigns to improve social norms and promote the use of modern family planning methods;
  • Expand community outreach programs to provide family planning and reproductive health services to Jordanian households;
  • Invest in local champions to support family planning issues;
  • Build the capacity of institutions to analyze and use data to raise awareness of the positive impact of balanced population growth; and
  • Support community-based advocacy initiatives to improve the policy context and integrate population issues across multiple sectors.

Abt’s international partners in the JCAP activity include local NGO partners in Jordan, the Futures Institute, and IRIS Group International.