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Educating Health Care Providers About MIS-C


  • Develop material to educate health care providers (HCPs) treating MIS-C
  • Collect data through surveys, interviews, and message and material testing
  • Educational materials disseminated to HCPs through multiple channels
The Challenge

The Abt team is providing support to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its effort to assess and address the educational needs of HCPs treating pediatric patients with suspected and confirmed cases of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C). The team will provide project management and oversight, quantitative and qualitative measure development and analysis, material development and testing, and partner engagement and dissemination planning. The team includes Medscape and New England Transcripts.

The Approach

The Abt team developed and administered a baseline survey to assess knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of 250 HCPs related to MIS-C recognition, diagnosis, and reporting. We then recruited more than two dozen HCPs to participate in in-depth interviews. We also conducted an environmental scan of MIS-C resources for HCPs and a material testing survey with 250 HCPs. We developed separate reports for each. We also developed a communications and partner engagement plan to inform the dissemination of MIS-C materials.

The Results

The project’s final product will be MIS-C educational materials based on the baseline survey and in-depth interview findings and promotional materials/messages to facilitate dissemination through partner channels. Once finalized, we disseminate MIS-C materials to HCPs through designated dissemination channels such as CDC partners/professional organizations.

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