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Evaluating Child Care Recovery Post-Disaster


  • SCUS wants to evaluate its disaster response programming for children.
  • Abt will survey participating child care providers in Texas and Florida.
  • We’ll provide findings to inform the future of SCUS’ Child Care Recovery program.
The Challenge

In the aftermath of disasters, children benefit from returning to normal routines. Save the Children, U.S. Programs (SCUS) offers direct resources and supports that enable child care centers to reopen, providing children with safe, familiar environments. Following hurricanes Harvey and Irma, SCUS worked with local child care resource and referral agencies to assess the impacts to child care services and offer grants and in-kind supports to help centers reopen. SCUS wants to evaluate the effectiveness of these efforts.

The Approach

Abt will survey participating child care providers in Texas and Florida, interview select child care providers and child care resource and referral partner staff, and review available program records and documents. All survey data will be used to generate descriptive statistics and common themes and threads related to the perceptions and experiences of the child care providers and partners involved.

The Results

Abt’s team will prepare a final report that highlights findings from the evaluation. The results will help SCUS improve its Child Care Recovery Program. These findings will further inform the development of additional tools that can help child care organizations respond to future disasters.

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