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Evaluating the Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program


  • How are stakeholders providing living opportunities for Medicaid enrollees with disabilities?
  • We're documenting partnerships between stakeholders.
  • An interim report is planned for release by CMS in 2018.
The Challenge

Medicaid provides critical assistance that enables people with limited resources and incomes to access acute and preventative medical care and long-term services and support. Innovations that simultaneously improve care for beneficiaries and promote efficiency hold promise for improving the long-term sustainability of the program. As one component of our overall evaluation of Medicaid innovations, Abt is evaluating states’ experiences developing partnerships between state Medicaid and housing agencies to foster additional community living opportunities for Medicaid enrollees with disabilities. 

The Approach

This evaluation, funded by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, is a rapid-cycle evaluation of the technical assistance that CMS provides state Medicaid programs in all of the IAP areas. In particular, the evaluation helps document the evolving partnerships between state Medicaid and housing agencies that the IAP enabled and how CMS makes real-time refinements to the program to help states address housing as a social determinant of health. 

Focus Areas
North America