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Helping USAID Integrate Climate Change and Adaptation into its Missions and Bureaus

The USAID-funded Climate Integration Support Facility (CISF) is a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) that will help USAID bureau and mission staff integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation into their programming. This is important for USAID to meet the rising challenges of climate variability and change and their impact on the effectiveness and resilience of U.S. development assistance, particularly in relation to poverty reduction and economic growth.

Abt Associates is one of four holders of the $49.9 million ceiling BPA, which will run through May 2022. Through CISF, we can work with USAID bureaus and missions to help them incorporate climate considerations into programs and projects around three key tasks:

  • Support USAID Missions and Bureaus, by providing in-person and remote facilitation and technical assistance for climate risk management and climate change efforts, such as assessments and analyses of climate risk and integration of climate change into programming;
  • Capacity Building, Communications, and Knowledge Management, through the production of climate change risk profiles and factsheets, training development and delivery, and other communications and knowledge management tasks that support climate change and climate risk management efforts; and
  • Learning and Thought Leadership, through a robust monitoring, evaluation, and learning agenda that will measure and document results, build USAID’s expertise, and connect stakeholders to findings and best practices to inform climate-related programming.

Abt teamed with seven partners for CISF: Atkins, Clark University, Columbia University’s International Research Institute for Climate and Society, and four small businesses — Carson+Co Global, Cascadia, Four Twenty Seven, and Green Powered Technology.
Together, we will advance a culture of collaboration to accelerate learning among USAID staff and all BPA holders and capitalize on that learning to boost innovation, thought leadership, and adaptive management.
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