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Improving Health Finance and Governance Systems Worldwide


  • Countries need strong, well-managed health systems for their people
  • Abt helps countries to build resiliency and reach vulnerable populations
  • Abt helped improve service, training and finances in several countries
The Challenge

Countries need--but often lack--strong, well-managed, and country-financed health systems to increase access to and use of life-saving health services. To achieve that goal, domestic financing for health will need to grow in many countries. And policymakers and donors must improve health governance at all levels to ensure that health-sector resources achieve their intended results.

The Approach

The Abt-led Health Finance and Governance Project (HFG) works with country partners to improve management of health systems and generate evidence on the most effective, efficient ways to improve health systems and all health services. Abt applies cross-cutting strategies to build resiliency and reach vulnerable populations. HFG helps health-sector stakeholders: 

  • Mobilize domestic resources and expand health insurance
  • Strengthen health-system management and accountability
  • Improve health care delivery and effectiveness
  • Measure system performance
The Results

HFG-sparked reforms make a difference. In Cote d’Ivoire, Abt helped achieve a 400-percent increase in HIV/AIDS commodities spending and a six-fold rise in medical and nursing school grads skilled in HIV/AIDS care. In Ethiopia, 91 percent of health centers and 95 percent of hospitals financial reforms made between 2011 and 2016 tripled hospital internal revenue collections. Ninety-nine percent of hospitals have active, constructive boards. And an HFG report established clear links between health system strengthening and measureable health impacts.

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