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A New Era of Cooperation to Achieve Health Targets in Asia Pacific Countries


  • HIV and multi-drug resistant TB are disproportionately affecting certain populations
  • Abt Associates supports grant management and logistics and provides technical assistance for the delivery of health services in Papua New Guinea
  • A project is overseeing a multi-million dollar investment to respond to the TB outbreak
The Challenge

An alarmingly high prevalence of HIV in certain populations in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is limiting the nation’s ability to advance its economy and achieve lasting prosperity. The country also is dealing with an emergency situation with the rise of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB).

The Approach

The Health and HIV Implementation Services Provider (HHISP) implements services for the government of Australia’s Papua New Guinea Health and HIV Program through the provision and management of grants, recruitment and placement of technical assistance, and sourcing and delivery of procurement and logistics.

Under the direction of the Australian government, HHISP works closely with the National Department of Health, provincial health agencies and offices, and other government agencies, development partners, and the private sector in pursuit of the goals and objectives outlined in the PNG National Health Plan 2011-2020 and the PNG National HIV and AIDS Strategy 2011-2019.

Abt Associates manages HHISP in partnership with the Burnet Institute. These two organizations leverage their global networks – working in more than 60 countries – with their extensive local knowledge delivering projects and more than 20 years of research experience in Papua New Guinea. These assets have enabled HHISP to remain at the forefront of health support services in PNG since the program was established in April 2012 and position it strongly to continue to provide the Australian government with high quality and cost-effective services.

The Results

At the direction of the Australian government, HHISP has been overseeing a multi-million-dollar investment in strengthening the response and controlling the DR-TB outbreak.

HHISP is also a key facilitator in implementing an innovative trilateral partnership between Australia, the People’s Republic of China, and Papua New Guinea to strengthen malaria diagnostic and research services.

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