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Promising Practices for Health Equity, Heart Disease and Stroke


  • We need to reduce high blood pressure in adults.
  • Abt is helping CDC identify effective cardiovascular services for assessment.
  • We'll apply expertise in chronic disease prevention, health equity and social determinants of health.
The Challenge

To reverse the current trajectory of one in three U.S. adults having high blood pressure, it’s important to identify promising practices that serve the right people at the right time — while also advancing health equity.

The Approach

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (DHDSP) is committed to reducing the preventable burden of cardiovascular disease and has contracted with Abt Associates to design and implement evaluability assessments (EAs) that use the Systematic Screening and Assessment (SSA) methodology to identify three practices that are strong candidates for future rigorous evaluation. Selected practices must deliver cardiovascular-related services in a way that addresses health inequities and reduces health disparities.

The Results

Abt brings a multidisciplinary team to this project with expertise in chronic disease prevention, health equity and social determinants of health, implementing EAs using SSA methods, conducting expert panel meetings and reviews, and disseminating information to broad audiences. 

Quote for Systematically Screening and Identifying Promising Practices that Advance Health Equity and Reduce Heart Disease and Stroke

This 12-month project allows us to help a new division within the CDC make data-informed decisions about how to allocate their evaluation resources. We expect to identify programs that afford all individuals the same types of opportunities to better manage their health, which ultimately leads to improved cardiovascular-related outcomes.
Tara Earl
Project Director