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COVID-19 Insights

As COVID-19 spreads rapidly around the globe, accurate and insightful information is at a premium. This COVID-19-related library provides information and resources developed by our experts to address this continually evolving public health situation across many facets: infectious disease research, data science operations, communications, and a range of additional areas.

Abt to Evaluate Project Roomkey
California’s Project Roomkey (PRK) has helped more than 42,000 people experiencing homelessness move into safe temporary housing in hotels and motels during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program serves people experiencing homelessness who are COVID-19 positive, who have been exposed to COVID, or who are at higher risk for contracting the illness. Abt Associates will evaluate the program’s statewide implementation, along with the health and housing outcomes of people who used the program. Read more

Reaching Equity: Data, Collaboration, and the Social Determinants of Health
The social determinants of health are interactive and multi-faceted, but often the experts who address them are siloed—as are their data. How do we share the data that can tell us the full story about the people who rely on—and receive—support? Chris Tappan and Lori Hunter discuss data systems, collaboration between agencies, and the vital importance of equitable services in this latest episode of The Intersect. Read more

LHSS Supports COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts
As ministries of health start to roll out COVID-19 vaccines, the Abt-led Local Health System Sustainability Project (LHSS) is on the ground supporting their efforts. Financed by the U.S. Agency for International Development, LHSS collaborates with governmental entities and other partners to help Colombia, Kyrgyz Republic, and Tajikistan implement national COVID-19 vaccine plans. Our technical assistance supports immediate efforts to scale up and adapt existing programs to facilitate COVID-19 vaccine delivery and strengthens these countries’ capacity to manage future public health efforts. Read more

CDC Study: COVID Vaccines Are Effective
A forthcoming New England Journal of Medicine article—preprinted in medRXiv—discussed a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that shows COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective in real-world conditions. Abt partnered with the CDC on the study, which found the vaccines not only prevent SARS-CoV-2 infections but also reduce serious symptoms among vaccinated working-age adults with breakthrough infections . Read more

The Association of Nursing Home Quality Ratings and Spread of COVID-19
In this paper from Abt Associates and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, the authors demonstrate how the data and methodology used in Nursing Home Care Compare’s star ratings capture important aspects of quality related to infection control, and that policymakers can use those star ratings, along with information on county infection rates and nursing home payor mix, to identify nursing homes more at risk of COVID-19. Read more

Abt to Expand COVID-19 Vaccine Pregnancy Registry
COVID-19 may put pregnant people at higher risk for severe illness or even death, but data are limited on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnant people. To help monitor the safety of vaccines in pregnant people, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has awarded Abt Associates an $18 million, one-year contract to expand the v-safe COVID-19 Vaccine Pregnancy Registry, which will collect information about any adverse outcomes following vaccination. Read more

Building a Stronger Early Childhood System: Ongoing State Efforts to Improve Coordination and Alignment
The COVID-19 pandemic is shining a spotlight on the fragility of the early care and education (ECE) system and the need for equitable access for all families. A new brief highlights how states are using federal Preschool Development Grants to better coordinate early-childhood governance structures, operations, and services. This brief can serve as a resource to federal and state policy makers as they work to maximize the use of American Rescue Plan funds to support families with young children. Read more

Helping Get Vital COVID-19 Information to Colombia’s Underserved Populations
Rapid response teams in Colombia are traversing roads, mountain paths, and rivers to help health officials contain the spread of COVID-19. Using approaches and messages tailored to the unique needs of each community, the teams, supported by USAID’s Abt-led LHSS Project, are enabling the government’s local health units to deliver life-saving information to some of the country’s most isolated and marginalized people. Read more

Harnessing Jordan’s Private Health Providers to Care for COVID-19 Patients
The Abt Associates-led, USAID-funded Local Health System Sustainability Project (LHSS) collaborated with Jordan’s Ministry of Health to design and carry out a COVID-19 training program targeting health professionals who work in private hospitals and clinics. Since then, the trainings have reached more than 3,000 health care providers and medical and nursing students, unlocking their potential at a time when their country needs them most. Learn more. Read more

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on School-Based Substance Use Prevention and Intervention Programs
How can we elevate school-based health services to meet the needs of youth during a pandemic and beyond? A new report from the Conrad Hilton Foundation Youth Substance Use Prevention and Early Intervention Strategic Initiative offers insights from school-based programs that continued to operate and serve students during the shutdown. Read more

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White Papers & Reports

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  • Strategies for Contact Tracing COVID-19 (White Paper)
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  • Contact Tracing In Communities of Color: Strategies for the COVID-19 Pandemic (White Paper)
  • Using Telehealth to Serve Medicaid Beneficiaries with Complex Health Needs (White Paper)
  • The Storm after the Calm: The Profound Implications of COVID-19 for U.S. Housing Policy (White Paper)
  • Effective and Innovative Communications Strategies for the COVID-19 Pandemic: How Abt Can Help (White Paper)
  • Conducting Public Policy Research During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Experts Weigh In (Report)
  • Health Mission Impact: Pandemic Preparedness & Influenza (2020 Impact Report)


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  • Coronavirus: The End of Sexist Economics? (link)
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  • The Unanticipated Risks of Sheltering in Place (link)
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  • Why Public Health Can’t Shelter in Place to Address Stimulant Use (link)
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  • COVID-19 is Disrupting Food Waste Programs: What Does this Mean for Methane Emissions? (link)
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  • COVID-19 Data Visualizations - Data, Infographics, Dashboards, and Models (link)
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  • COVID-19 and the Future of Telehealth (link)
  • Flu. Coronavirus. Data. Could Analytics Change the Trajectory of a Pandemic? (link)

Projects, Feature Stories & News

  • PMI VectorLink Adapts ITN Durability Monitoring to COVID-19 Conditions (Feature Story)
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  • Strengthening Malawi’s Literacy—Even During COVID (Feature Story)
  • COVID-19’s Impact on India’s Family Planning Markets (Project)
  • Emergency Rental Assistance Guidance for States (Project)
  • Facilitating Successful Harvest Seasons During COVID-19 (Feature Story)
  • Tracking COVID-19 in High-Risk Workers (Project)
  • Tracking COVID-19 in Pregnant Women and Infants (Project)
  • COVID-19 Study of Hospitalized Older Adults (Project)
  • Study of COVID-19 in Retirement Communities (Project)
  • COVID-19 Study of Households (Project)
  • Potential Health Benefits of Sustained Air Quality Improvements in New York City (News Release)
  • Answering the Call: Helping Field 5,000 COVID-19 Questions a Day in Laos (Feature Story)
  • When a Pandemic is Not the Only Public Health Crisis (In The News)
  • Building Lab Skills in Tajikistan for COVID-19 and Beyond (Feature Story)
  • Abt Insights: CDC COVID-19 Research Studies (Digital Insight)
  • Handwashing fights COVID-19 in Bangladesh (Feature Story)
  • Involving Private Providers in the COVID-19 Response in Senegal (Feature Story)
  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Children, Families and ECE Providers (News Release)
  • Voucher Plus Activity Saves Mothers’ Lives During COVID-19 (Feature Story)
  • PFAS, COVID-19, and Immune Response: Connecting the Dots (Bloomberg Law)
  • Supporting Jordan’s Fight Against COVID-19 (Feature Story)
  • COVID Assessment Tracking Tool (link)
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  • Coordinating the COVID-19 Response with Homeless Service Providers (Feature Story)
  • COVID-19: What Abt is Doing (Feature Story)
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