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Infectious Diseases

Infectious Disease quote

Through Abt’s collaborations with CDC and international partners, we have a better understanding of the impact influenza has on low and middle income countries. The data Abt and its partners collected will provide valuable insights that we hope will inform vaccination policies worldwide.
Danielle Rentz Hunt, Ph.D.
Vice President, Client Account Management
danielle rentz hunt

Countering the Perils of Infectious Diseases

COVID-19. Zika. Flu. AIDS. Malaria. TB. COVID-19 is just the latest deadly disease to threaten populations and challenge experts and government leaders around the world. Every day, Abt works to counter such threats to global health security. How? Innovative detection methods, surveillance, and behavioral communications campaigns. Groundbreaking prevention strategies. Research and evidence to strengthen treatment and care. While there is much work to do, governments are making progress tackling these diseases. There are many reasons. Abt is one of them.