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Australia Domestic

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The Abt Australia domestic consulting team’s mission is to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of people worldwide. The focus of our work ranges from gender equality and social inclusion to helping others who face inequities, including Australia’s First Nations People and people living with mental health issues.
Andrew Alderdice
Head of Domestic Programs, Abt Australia
andrew alderdice

Advancing Quality of Life in Australia

Australia ranks second in the United Nations’ annual Human Development Index–-a measure of quality of life, public health, social wealth, and education. However, Indigenous Australians by themselves would rank 122nd.  We at Abt believe we are obligated to help close this gap. Our work in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, social well-being, youth justice, and primary health care acknowledges that life does not deal everyone an equal hand. Through these efforts, we have seen a decline in preterm births since 2012 and an increase in infant immunization rates, among other important indicators of improving health and well-being.

Meet our Experts

At Abt, our consultants work on projects that require in-depth knowledge of the health and human services sector. Our leaders engage with projects from conceptualisation to final report, ensuring the best possible thinking and collaboration throughout. Our diverse expertise, from strategy to analytics to epidemiology, enables us to tailor a team to address your requirements. Click here to meet the people who can help your organisation achieve your goals.


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Between January and June 2020, Youth Through-Care’s (YTC) implementing partners achieved a 95% client retention rate among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people through a program that aims to reduce recidivism