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Ukraine country quote 2020

Abt supported the government of Ukraine’s health reform in the development of strategic health purchasing functions. We designed and implemented analytical systems for decision makers to better allocate resources, streamline hospital networks, and improve care and health outcomes.
Lisa Tarantino
Principal Associate, International Development
lisa tarantino

Expanding Our Impact

Abt’s analytical expertise supported the Ukrainian government in developing strategic health purchasing functions. We helped advance agricultural policy in the Ukraine. Growth in the country’s agriculture and food sector led to stronger investments. Abt also implemented a new children’s vaccination program, promoting new vaccines, stronger immunization financing mechanisms and better health coverage for the use of vaccines. We are assisting in modernizing the country’s Labour Code to both address COVID-19 impacts and update the framework more broadly to recognize changes in the economy where for example independent ICT/digital experts are much more prominent but not formally included in the Labour Code.

Rapid HIV tests issued by primary health care professionals (as of June 2015, HFG)