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Open Government Program Helping to Prevent Corruption in Mexico

With the Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE), Abt Associates produced animated videos in Spanish to promote fundamentals of competitive procurement and encourage reporting of corrupt practices. Mexico’s social stability and economic development — including the livelihoods of millions of households and businesses — depend on good governance. However, the country still struggles with systemic corruption.
Through USAID’s Mexico Economic Policy Program (MEPP), Abt Associates is working directly with government champions to create and implement innovative, practical policies and procedures that improve transparency and reduce corruption.
Governments become transparent only when they provide vital information about citizen welfare in a meaningful way. Red Mexico Abierto, the “Open Mexico Network,” is the Mexican federal government’s initiative to promote public sector transparency at the state and municipal level. MEPP helped launch the effort two years ago.
Now, MEPP is developing benchmarks for local governments to measure how open their procedures are in budgetary transparency, business regulation, and public procurement. The Open Mexico Network will use these benchmarks to ensure local government members do not simply talk transparency, but actually fulfill their commitments to open government by making relevant information available to all citizens. Read a blog post about MEPP and the Open Mexico Network.

More Accountability, More Transparency

MEPP, led by Abt Associates, works with Mexico’s National Digital Strategy Coordination unit within the Office of the Presidency to operate Red MX Abierto, or the Open Mexico Network, a centralized networked platform launched in 2014 that gives local governments practical resources to upload public data. MEPP has organized hackathons at major universities to generate fresh solutions and spur youth participation in this effort.
Photo by Natalia Jardon, Abt Associates MEPP also supports several of Mexico´s most important national open government initiatives. These include creating a new electronic platform with free access to every federal agency audit, launching a first-of-its-kind platform for small businesses to report corruption by public officials, and helping the Ministry of Finance make its public works transparency portal more interactive and user-friendly.
On another front, Mexico’s public procurement laws and regulations often are weak, ambiguous, or incomplete, which invites corruption in thousands of construction and infrastructure projects. ObservatorioNAICM, a citizen-led observatory organized with MEPP support, is monitoring the construction process of Mexico City’s new airport, the costliest infrastructure project in Mexican history.
MEPP works with an alliance of several of Mexico’s most prestigious policy NGOs to expand the observatory to other high-profile public works projects. MEPP will contribute to accountable procurement in major construction, and will develop detailed best practice guidance for civil society to encourage local governments to adopt and implement.
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