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Women's Committee in PNG Tackles Gender Equality, Domestic Violence

Abt Australia Women’s Committee is a women’s workplace initiative which provides support to its members and their local communities in Papua New Guinea. This video includes stories from these remarkable women and their experiences as women in Papua New Guinea. Violence against women is a significant problem in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The country is ranked 158th out of 188 countries on the United Nations Development Program’s 2015 Gender Inequality Index, a measure of disparities between men and women on health, knowledge, and living standards. 

As one PNG woman summarized: “The women in PNG don’t die of old age.”

A video by Abt Australia discusses the problem of violence against women and introduces viewers to the Abt Women’s Committee. The committee is an informal group started in 2012 as a both as a professional, community, and social support mechanism. Women from provinces around PNG have an unusual opportunity to gather and discuss the status of women in PNG. Members of the committee have been involved in:  

  • Fundraising events;
  • Health and well-being awareness activities, such as breastfeeding awareness; and
  • Internal training and peer support on a range of issues, including violence against women.

The group particularly is focused on improving and supporting women’s health and well-being, in line with the core objectives of the Health and HIV Implementation Services Provider (HHISP), managed by Abt Australia.

Watch the video.

Learn more about the Abt Women’s Committee.

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