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Abt Ecosystem to Standardize Data Collection and Management

Rockville, Md.  –  Abt Associates has launched a service offering to systematically collect, manage, analyze, and visualize monitoring, evaluation and learning data. The new Abt Monitoring and Evaluation Ecosystem (AMEE) is supported by an expert team, a complete set of repeatable processes, and a fully functioning monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) platform built on DHIS2 and enabled by Amazon Web Services.

AMEE can adapt easily to new projects and connect to other vetted data collection and analytic platforms, including client data. The platform includes an adaptable blueprint for a MEL system based on the DHIS2 suite of tools and can be integrated with Abt’s Analytic Computing Environment (ACE) for advanced analytic needs, including predictive analytics. “AMEE will enable us to quickly and efficiently generate and use data to improve  performance and enhance impact,” says Abt Chief Digital Officer Jorge Elguera.  

DHIS2 is a secure, open-source software platform that about 70 ministries of health use. It has been used outside of health by agriculture, forestry, nutrition, and education sectors. Building on DHIS2’s capabilities, AMEE will provide granular data on project beneficiaries and on-demand access to customizable dashboards.  

Abt’s AMEE platform will speed up implementation of a project’s MEL system, provide flexibility through a suite of vetted digital tools, and make it easier to apply data management best practices. With AMEE, “we can deploy our field-tested implementation methodology and our analytics in a variety of client environments and deliver data that clients can use to improve program outcomes,” says International Division Vice President Eric Reading.

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