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Abt to Expand COVID-19 Vaccine Pregnancy Registry

Rockville, Md.  –  COVID-19 may put pregnant people at higher risk for severe illness or even death, but data are limited on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnant people. To help monitor the safety of vaccines in pregnant people, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created the v-safe COVID-19 Vaccine Pregnancy Registry. The CDC has awarded Abt Associates an $18 million, one-year contract to expand the v-safe COVID-19 Vaccine Pregnancy Registry. Abt call-center staff will enroll vaccinated pregnant people into the registry and follow them throughout their pregnancy and until their newborn is 3 months old to collect information about any adverse outcomes following vaccination.

Project Director Gabriella Newes-Adeyi notes that a review of 192 studies from 30 different countries found that pregnant people with COVID-19 had increased odds of maternal death, of needing admission to an intensive care unit, and of preterm birth compared with pregnant people without COVID-19. “Vaccination is an important means to help pregnant people mitigate the risks of COVID-19, but it’s critical that we continue monitoring how the vaccines affect pregnancy,” she said. “We need evidence to make sure the vaccines do no harm, which early indications have validated.”

The CDC chose Abt for the outreach task because of “our call center infrastructure and experience with respiratory virus research, including our extensive COVID-19 work for the CDC,” said Dr. Christopher Spera, division vice president, Health and Environment. 

The v-safe COVID-19 Vaccine Pregnancy Registry is a mechanism to detect potential safety issues with COVID-19 vaccines during pregnancy. The v-safe After Vaccination Health Checker is a smartphone-based tool that people receiving COVID-19 vaccinations are encouraged to sign up for. After registering on the tool, participants receive a series of text messages and web surveys at pre-specified intervals asking them to report symptoms.

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