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Fondjo, Ph.D.

Chief of Party, VectorLink Cameroon

Etienne Fondjo is a medical entomologist specializing in malaria with 20 years of experience in project management and malaria control funded by the public sector and its partners. He has served as the national malaria coordinator and as the deputy national malaria coordinator in Cameroon’s National Malaria Control Program (NMCP). He has also consulted for the World Health Organization in five countries, served as principal investigator for 11 projects in Cameroon, and was the Central Africa coordinator for the Mapping Malaria Risk in Africa (MARA) project in five countries.

Fondjo has served since 2018 as chief of party of the VectorLink Project in Cameroon, one of President’s Malaria Initiative’s (PMI) five new focus countries. He established VectorLink’s presence in Cameroon, fostering a strong collaboration with the PMI resident advisor, the Ministry of Health, NMCP, and local research institutes. He oversees all technical and managerial components, ensuring entomological monitoring activities are timely, high quality. He directly supervises two Abt staff and oversees 15 entomologists involved in malaria vector surveillance from local research institutes and the NMCP.

Before joining Abt, Fondjo helped draft and implement four malaria strategic plans. He also facilitated national malaria program reviews and the development of the country’s integrated vector management manual and malaria entomological profile. With the financial support of the MARA project, he supported seven countries in Central Africa in mapping their malaria risk. He also trained health personnel on malaria entomology and vector control through a Gates-funded project and studied the spatial distribution of the molecular form of An. gambiae complex in Cameroon with support from U.S. National Institutes of Health.


  • Project management
  • Malaria control
  • Vector surveillance

Key Projects:

  • PMI VectorLink
  • Global Fund Round 3, 5, 9 & NFM
  • NIH project 
  • WHO/TDR 
  • MARA 


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Countries Served In:

  • Cameroon, Burundi, Comoros, Madagascar, Eswatini “Swaziland”, Chad, DRC, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Rwanda
Dr. Etienne Fondjo