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Chief of Party, Health Workforce Management Activity, Nigeria

Oluwabambi Tinuoye is a public health professional with about eight years of experience working in health systems strengthening and health informatics. She has worked at national and sub-national levels to provide leadership and support for health intervention design, project implementation, program assessment, monitoring, and health systems research on six projects. On one of these projects, she designed and implemented a system for analysis of routinely reported health service statistics that improved data completeness on the national DHIS2 instance for data reporting in Nigeria.

Tinuoye leads a team that re-vitalized critical health information governance structures for the Health Workforce Management Activity in Nigeria. Abt helps five states institutionalize a robust Human Resource Information System (HRIS) to keep track of recruitment, deployment, retention, and continuing education in both the public and private sectors. She also has trained health managers on health workforce data use for workforce planning and management.

Tinuoye worked in Liberia on the health systems strengthening accelerator project as part of a team that helped the government cost the essential package of health services delivered at the primary healthcare level. The costing was instrumental in the design of the Liberia Health Equity Fund, which can improve access to healthcare services.

In a project the World Bank supported that focused on accelerating nutrition results in Nigeria, she coordinated the development of a knowledge management and learning agenda for nutrition.

Previously, on a performance management project focused on government health programs, Tinuoye helped 12 Nigerian States institutionalize accountability structures, monitor key performance indicators, and estimate the number of additional lives saved through the implementation of various health interventions.


  • Health informatics
  • Research
  • Project management
  • Performance management
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Key Projects:

  • Health Workforce Management Activity
  • Accelerating Nutrition Results in Nigeria
  • Health Systems Strengthening Accelerator
  • Saving One Million Lives Initiative

Countries Served In:

  • Nigeria, Liberia
Oluwabambi Tinuoye