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Gandaho, M.D., Ph.D

Chief of Party, PMI VectorLink Project, Madagascar

Dr. Timothee Gandaho is a physician, demographer, and public/reproductive health specialist with more than 24 years of experience directing quantitative and qualitative research and managing high impact health services. He has experience in malaria, family planning, reproductive health, maternal and child health, and HIV/AIDS.

Gandaho has more than 20 years of experience collaborating with major multilateral and bilateral donors, including the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), United Nations agencies, World Health Organization, and World Bank. He also worked with Partners in Population and Development, a board of ministers and high-ranking officials from 21 developing countries covering more than 54% of the world’s population.

Gandaho has been the COP for the USAID President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) VectorLink Madagascar project since 2018. He provides overall leadership and project management for more than 33 project professionals. He serves as the contact between the project and the Government of Madagascar. Gandaho oversees the strategic direction, operations management, technical leadership, and financial and administrative compliance for project activities to ensure that indoors residual spraying campaigns achieve more than 90% spray coverage and finish on time and within budget. He ensures the preparation of all USAID/PMI deliverables, spray campaign results, and the full and timely payment of all seasonal workers.

Gandaho was the COP for National Technical Assistance Program for the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Mali to implement high impact health services. He provided leadership, management, and strategic direction for the 22-person professional staff. 

He worked in partnership with USAID, the MOH, and other USAID implementing partners and with project team members in nine regions to improve maternal health, child survival, and malaria control. He ensured effective design and roll-out of key policies and guidelines in these areas and  the development and implementation of strategic documents for community health interventions.

Gandaho designed and conducted nationwide research to assess the Free Caesarian policy and helped publish and disseminate its results.

As regional director for the Population Council, he led staff to formulate, implement, and disseminate operations research activities on family planning, youth reproductive health, female genital mutilation, and STI/HIV/AIDS.


  • Malaria prevention and control
  • Project management  
  • Public/reproductive health; HIV/AIDS
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Training and capacity building
  • Health project design, planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation

Key Projects:

  • USAID PMI VectorLink malaria prevention and control project for Madagascar 
  • USAID PMI Africa Indoor Residual Spraying project Madagascar
  • National Technical Assistance Program to Ministry of Health for USAID High Impact Health Services in Mali
  • Nationwide research for the evaluation of the free caesarian policy of Mali
  • Global Leadership and Visionary Leadership training program in reproductive health, maternal and child health and family planning for 21 South-South Initiatives member countries
  • Research on community financing of health in a Primary Health Care project -Base for Bamako Initiative-UNICEF


  • "User fee exemptions and equity in access to caesarean sections: an analysis of patient survey data in Mali. Online publication in the International Journal for Equity in Health, 2011.
  • The effects of the National family Planning campaign on acceptance of Modern Contraception. Abstract for The Conference of African Society of Gynecologists and Obstetricians. December 2008
  • Making a difference for Population and Development: Leaders in Action, The Visionary Leadership Program Consortium, Volume 2 Profiles of Selected Visionary Leaders in Asia and Africa, 2006, Pages 122 (book)
  • Changing contraceptive knowledge, attitudes, and practices in rural Benin: elements of success in a community-based family planning intervention. 1993. PhD thesis.
  • Child Mortality among users and non-users of Primary Health Care in a rural West African Community, in Journal of Epidemiology. 1991

Countries Served In:

  • Benin, Senegal, Bangladesh, Mali, Madagascar
Timothee Gandaho, M.D., Ph.D