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Principal Associate, Health & Environment

Andrea Hassol is a health services researcher, analyst, and seasoned project director, with extensive experience leading evaluations of healthcare delivery and financing initiatives, as well as assessments of patient safety programs and quality initiatives. Hassol is an expert in designing beneficiary and provider surveys, qualitative data collection and analysis, and synthesizing this information with results of secondary data analyses. She frequently manages large, multifaceted projects.

A 31-year veteran at Abt, Hassol has directed evaluations on matters ranging from health IT to Medicare payment reform. She is guiding or participating in projects for the Centers for Medicare & Medicare Innovation, including the national evaluation of the Oncology Care Model, the evaluation of the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement Initiative, and an evaluation of hospital-setting health care innovation awards. Hassol also manages Abt’s ACTION III contract with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, overseeing teams that collaborate with leading health systems around the country, to test and promote innovations in healthcare delivery.


  • Health information technology and health information exchange
  • Medicare payment policy
  • Patient safety

Key Projects

  • Evaluation of Hospital Setting Health Care Innovation Awards, CMS
  • Evaluation Consortium: Medicare Bundled Payment Care Improvement, CMS
  • Keystone Beacon Community, HHS, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT  

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • Hassol, A., Woo, M., Ball, S., Izrael, D., Carayon, P., Hoonakker, P.L.T., Ladd, I., Yule, C, Younkin, J., Chaundy, K., Larson, S., Walker, J.M. Chronic Care Patients’ Attitudes Regarding Electronic Health Information Exchange. Presented at American Medical Informatics Association meeting November 3-7, 2012.
  • Alyousef, B., Carayon, P., Hoonakker, P., Hundt, A.S., Cartmill, R., Tomcavage, J., Hassol, A., Chaundy, K., Younkin, J. & Walker, J. (2012) “Care managers’ challenges in using multiple health IT applications.” Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 56th Annual Meeting-2012, Boston, MA, 1748-1752.
  • Carayon, P., Alyousef, B., Hoonakker, P., Hundt, A.S., Cartmill, R., Tomcavage, J., Hassol, A., Chaundy, K., Larson, S., Younkin, J. & Walker J. (2012). "Challenges to care coordination posed by the use of multiple health IT applications." Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation. 41: 4468-4473.
  • Carayon, P., Hoonakker, P.L.T., Tomcavage, J., Salek, D., Hassol, A., Cartmill, R., Hundt, A.S., Ladd, I., Yule, C., Younkin, J., Chaundy, K., & Walker J.M. (2012) Case managers’ acceptance of health IT applications. Presented at American Medical Informatics Association meeting November 3-7, 2012.
  • Shoemaker, S. and Hassol A., Understanding the Landscape of MTM Programs for Medicare Part D: Results from a Study for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; J Am Pharm Assoc; 2011; 51:520-526.
  • Walker JM, Hassol A; Health IT Hazard Manager Beta Test Results and Redesign; presented at AHRQ Annual Conference, Bethesda, MD, Sept. 2011 and 2012.
  • Walker, J. and Hassol A.: Health IT Hazard Manager Beta Test, presented at American Medical Informatics meeting, Chicago, 2012
  • Hassol, Doksum and Wrobel, Medicare’s Drug Discount Card Program: Beneficiaries’ Experiences with Choice, Health Care Financing Review; vol. 28, No. 4, summer 2007.
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  • Hassol, Harrison, Rodriguez, et al. Survey Completion Rates and Resource Use at Each Step of a Dillman-Style Multi-Modal Survey, presented at American Association for Public Opinion Research, May, 2003.
Andrea Hassol