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Riley, J.D.

Principal Associate, International Development

Pamela Riley is at the forefront of Abt’s efforts to leverage mobile phone technology to improve health outcomes. In her role as senior mHealth advisor, Riley leads development of mobile applications, brokers cost-share partnerships with technology companies and promotes the use of mobile money to strengthen health systems. She has expertise in mHealth evidence, business models, and program design and evaluation of mHealth interventions, including data collection, consumer education and health worker training. 
Riley’s experience includes supporting coalition development and technology strategy for the MAMA Bangladesh initiative, a public-private partnership involving USAID, Johnson & Johnson and the Government of Bangladesh. Under USAID’s Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector project, Riley was the technical lead for two randomized controlled trials – in Ghana and Kenya – that evaluated the impact of text messages on knowledge and behavior change. She is evaluating the cost effectiveness of mobile money in Nigeria through USAID’s Health Finance and Governance Project. 
Riley is a recognized mHealth leader, serving on the advisory board of the mHealth Working Group, USG Evidence Review Summit on Population-Level Behavior Change, and mHealth faculty of the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research. Prior to joining Abt, she worked for more than 14 years as senior legal strategist with Vodafone, the world’s then-largest mobile operator.
In addition to her experience in information and communications technology, Riley is a lawyer whose expertise includes international policy strategy in information technology and health fields. Her related contributions at Abt include analysis of the legal and regulatory landscape affecting corporate social responsibility in South Africa and an assessment of Albania’s laws and regulations impacting the commercial supply of contraceptives. 


  • mHealth
  • Mobile money
  • Legal and regulatory policy
  • Family planning
  • Reproductive health
  • International health
  • Public-private partnerships

Key Projects

  • Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS), USAID
  • Health Finance & Governance (HFG), USAID
  • 4th Sector Health, USAID
  • Private Sector Partnerships:  PSP-One, USAID

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • Riley, Pamela & Kristen Maddock. 2009. Albania Laws and Regulations Affecting Commercial Supply of Modern Contraceptives: Analysis and Recommendations. Bethesda, MD: Private Sector Partnerships-One project, Abt Associates Inc. 
  • Riley, Pamela, Yann Derriennic, & David McGuire. 2009. What Role Can the Private Sector Play in Scaling Up and Sustaining Integrated Malaria Control Programs? Bethesda, MD: Private Sector Partnerships-One project, Abt Associates Inc.
  • Riley, Pamela, Rebecca Patsika, Wenjuan Wang, K.P. Srinath, Sara Sulzbach, & Ruth Berg. 2009. Guide to Client-Centered Market Segmentation Analysis: Tailoring Family Planning Programs to Clients with Different Needs. Bethesda, MD: Private Sector Partnerships-One project, Abt Associates Inc.
  • Riley, Pamela & Chuck Cosson. 2000. “International Wireless Telecommunication Regulation.” In The Telecommunications Handbook, edited by Kornell Terplan and Patricia Morreale. IEEE: CRC Press, 107-123.


  • mHealth in West Africa. Oral presentation at USAID West Africa Private Sector. mHealth special two-day meeting for 17 West Africa governments and private sector partners, May 2014.
  • Building Effective Partnerships with Mobile Operators. Oral presentation at USAID mHealth Africa meeting Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, November 2013.
  • Financing mHealth for the Long-term. GFMER Online Training Course Mobile Phones for Sexual and Reproductive Health, April 15, 2013
  • Strengthening Private Sector Health Providers: mHealth Implications. Panel presentation mHealth Summit, December 3, 2012