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Principal Associate, International Development

Catherine Connor has more than 30 years of experience in the domestic and international health fields, working with governments, NGOs, the private sector and bilateral and multilateral agencies in Africa, Latin America and Asia. She is a leader in health system strengthening with a focus on health financing. 
Since joining Abt Associates in 1999, she has managed and delivered technical assistance in health sector reform and system strengthening on several global USAID projects. She leads selected assignments, among them a feasibility assessment of performance-based incentives in Mozambique, a health system assessment in Angola, a regional health insurance workshop for eight countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and a technical session on health insurance for the East Central Southern African Health Community.
Previously, Connor developed a proposal for a self-sustaining HMO for a union of coffee cooperatives in El Salvador on behalf of a donor investment fund and negotiated the successful divestiture of a $1.5-million investment in a hospital and the sale of an IUD distribution company in Brazil. She worked in Brazil for six years in banking and management consulting, including on the launch of a private health insurance administrator serving large self-insured employers. In the United States, she directed a hospital-based program in Massachusetts to coordinate health and social services for homebound elderly through a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and a contract with Medicaid, achieving the highest client enrollment in the state.
Connor is currently deputy director of USAID’s global $200-million Health Finance and Governance Project, where she oversees development of technical approaches and work plans and implementation of health financing activities, including health insurance, resource tracking and pay-for-performance.
Connor has field experience in Albania, Angola, Bangladesh, Brazil, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Jordan, Liberia, Mozambique, Philippines, Rwanda and Yemen.  


  • Health system strengthening
  • Health policy
  • Health insurance, performances-based financing, contracting
  • Management of large-scale global development projects
  • Language: Portuguese (fluent)

Key Projects

  • Health Finance and Governance Project, USAID Office of Health Systems
  • Health Systems 20/20 Project, USAID Office of Health, Infectious Disease, and Nutrition
  • Partners for Health Reform plus, USAID Office of Health, Infectious Disease, and Nutrition


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Catherine Connor