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Hunt, Ph.D.

Principal Associate, Health & Environment

Dana Eser Hunt is a highly regarded expert on crime, substance abuse, illegal drug use and drug treatment whose research includes the use of both quantitative methods and ethnography.
In recent years at Abt, Hunt managed the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (ADAM II) Project — involving collection of data on drug use, treatment needs and drug market activity from a sample of 5,000 arrestees in 10 metropolitan U.S. counties each year. The project was the only federal drug survey that was able to validate self-reported drug use through testing and provide a real-time picture of drug use trends in the nation.
She manages a diversity of projects, including a national evaluation of an 11-city SAMHSA grant initiative integrating primary care, mental health, prevention and substance abuse treatment for persons at risk or living with HIV and AIDS.

Since 2000, she has served on review panels for the National Institute of Justice. Earlier in her career, she was on the advisory board of the National Institute on Drug Abuse project Marijuana Treatment Assessment, advisor to the board of trustees of Mantua Human Services, Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Philadelphia, and member of the advisory board of the National Institute on Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, Drugs and Crime.


  • Crime
  • Illegal drug use
  • Drug treatment
  • HIV
  • Substance abuse 

Key Projects

  • SAMHSA 11 Cities Minority AIDS Initiative-Targeted Capacity Expansion, SAMHSA
  • Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (ADAM), Office of National Drug Control  Policy
  • Impact Evaluation of the US Department of Education Study Mentoring Program, DOE

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • Hunt, D. Trends in Drug Use: ADAM II 2010 (2011) Presentation at the American Society for Criminology, Washington DC, November
  • Hunt, D., Jalbert, S., Chapman, M., Kling, R., Flygare, C., Rhodes, W. (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011) “Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (ADAM II) Annual Reports. Washington DC, Office of National Drug Control Policy.
  • Hunt, D. “Methamphetamine: An Overview of the Problem” National conference on Science, Technology and the Law, November 2006, Tampa, Florida.
  • Hunt, D. and S. Kuck, “Methamphetamine” Presentation to the National Governors Association, November 2005. San Francisco.
  • Hunt, D. and S. Kuck, “Methamphetamine: Challenges for Law Enforcement and Communities” NIJ Journal, Spring 2006.
  • Hunt, D. S. Kuck and L. Truitt, “Methamphetamine: Lessons Learned,” National Institute of Justice,  National Institute of Justice, US Department of Justice, Washington, DC, 2005.
  • Hunt, D. “Rise of hallucinogen use,” in Inciardi,  J. and McElrath, K. (eds.) The American Drug Scene: An Anthology Roxbury Publishing Co., Los Angeles, CA. 2005
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  • Hoffman, N., Hunt, D., Rhodes, W. and Riley, K. “UNCOPE: A Brief Substance Abuse Screen for Use with Arrestees,” Journal of Drug Issues, Winter,  2003:29-44.
  • Hunt, D. and Rhodes, W. Methodology Guide for  ADAM. National Institute of Justice, Us Department of Justice 2001.
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Dana Hunt