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Associate/Scientist, Data Science Surveys Enabling Technologies

Gabriel Krieshok is a data scientist with 15 years of experience using data science and enabling technologies to address global challenges. He manages a diverse portfolio of information and communications technology for development in areas ranging from global health and agriculture to education for middle- and low-income countries. His experience in the ‘Tech for Good’ space spans across the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Gabriel’s experience includes work as a user experience (UX) designer, innovation team lead, web developer, technology researcher, and maker. He has spent much of his career researching and designing technologies to be used in challenging global context, primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa, where he has helped to launch data collection projects, low-connectivity mobile apps, and advice on everything from digital go-to market strategies to safeguarding data protection and privacy.

Gabriel is one of the creators of a new application that uses computer vision to count mosquito eggs from a picture taken from a smartphone. The innovation saves a large number of man-hours by eliminating the need for painstaking manual egg counting.

Before coming to Abt, Krieshok worked for the a Washington D.C.-based technology consultancy, the U.S. Peace Corps, the U.S. State Department, USAID, the World Bank, the Ford Foundation, and consulted for the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, EdTech, and TechChange. Gabriel also founded ProprThings, a 3D-printing design startup that develops novel designs for everyday objects.


  • Data Science
  • User Experience
  • Digital Strategy
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Education
  • Global Health

Key Projects

  • Fighting Zika Through Indoor Residual Spraying
  • Descriptive and Analytical Career Pathways Study
  • Abt Applies Buyer-led, Market Systems Approach in Cambodia

Blog Posts

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