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Principal Associate, International Development

Jeanna Holtz is a health insurance specialist with more than 25 years of experience in U.S. and international health insurance development and operations. Additional areas of focus include innovation, knowledge management, capacity building and research related to client value and business viability of insurance products for low-income households in developing countries.
Since joining Abt Associates in 2014, Holtz has provided technical assistance on health finance and health systems strengthening projects, with emphasis on insurance.
Previously, Holtz served as chief project manager of the International Labour Organization’s Microinsurance Innovation Facility, started in 2008 in Geneva with core funding of $34 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In that position she launched an innovation program that awarded grants of more than $15 million to approximately 60 implementing partners to test approaches to make quality insurance products accessible to poor households in developing countries. She oversaw project initiatives in knowledge management, capacity building and research.
Earlier in her career, Holtz held positions with global financial services provider Allianz, where she led a team of internal consultants based in Munich to support the company's health insurance businesses and initiatives worldwide. She also worked for more than a decade for the U.S. health insurer Aetna, managing health plan operations and medical provider networks in the northwest United States.


  • Health insurance operations
  • Healthcare management systems
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Project management and capacity building in developing countries
  • Languages: French (intermediate) and German (intermediate)

Key Projects

  • HSFR/HFG- Ethiopia 
  • HFG – Use of evidence in designing benefit packages
  • SHOPs – Contracting manual/FAQs for service delivery organizations providing reproductive health/family planning services
  • International Labour Organization – Health microinsurance training

Selected Publications

  • Holtz, J., Hoffarth, T., Desai, S.  “The value of claims analysis in health microinsurance: Learning from three South Asian cases.” Microinsurance Innovation Facility paper (forthcoming).
  • Holtz, J., Hoffarth, T., & Phily, C.  “Making health microinsurance work: Ten recommendations for practitioners.”  Microinsurance Innovation Facility paper #36, 2014.
  • Rendek, K., Holtz, J. & Fonseca, C.  “The moment of truth:  Claims management in microinsurance.”  Microinsurance Innovation Facility paper #28, 2014.
  • Oza, A., Dalal, A. & Holtz, J.  “VimoSEWA’s resurgence:  Increasing outreach and managing costs in a voluntary stand-alone microinsurance programme.”  Microinsurance Innovation Facility paper #25, 2013.
  • Kimball, M., Phily, C., Folsom, A., Lagomarsino, G. & Holtz, J.  “Leveraging health microinsurance to promote universal health coverage.”  Microinsurance Innovation Facility paper #23, 2013.
  • Pott, J. & Holtz, J. “Value-added services in health microinsurance.”  Microinsurance Innovation Facility. Microinsurance Paper #19, 2013.
  • Leatherman, S., Jones-Christensen, L. & Holtz, J. "Innovations and barriers in health microinsurance.”  In Protecting the Poor: A Microinsurance Compendium, Volume II, edited by Matul and Churchill. Geneva: ILO, 2012.
  • Le Roy, P. & Holtz, J. “Third party payment mechanisms in health microinsurance.”  In Protecting the Poor: A Microinsurance Compendium, Volume II, edited by Matul and Churchill. Geneva: ILO, 2012 Geneva.
Jeanna Holtz