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Principal Associate, International Development

Peter Chandonait is an environmental manager, engineer and scientist with more than 20 years of experience working in innovative environmental management and environmental health and safety systems (EMS/EHS). 

He has deep environmental compliance experience in international public health and agricultural development programs and in chemical-intensive manufacturing. He also has state, federal and international regulatory compliance expertise in air, water, wastewater, pesticide and hazardous waste management. He has provided capacity development of domestic and international management, technical staff and regulatory officials, and he has worked in Africa, Asia and Central and South America. He has developed data collection, analysis, response and reporting systems. Chandonait has outstanding writing skills with extensive experience in environmental aspect and impact assessment, documentation and mitigation, and is certified as a lead auditor for ISO 14001.

Chandonait conceived and implemented an Environmental Compliance Assurance Program for a 14-country, $189-million USAID Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) malaria prevention program in Africa. As environmental compliance and safety manager for that project, he establishes standards, expectations, and reporting systems, and provides remote supervision of personnel and liaison with clients and regulatory personnel. He designed and delivered EHS training programs for management and operational staff with French, Portuguese, and English language requirements. He also developed and institutionalized a smartphone application for environmental compliance inspection and reporting, using Global Positioning System (GPS) and photo technology for verification and planning purposes.

He put into place cost-effective recycling of materials and responsible wastewater and solid waste management systems; developed and implemented an innovative filtration system for treating pesticide-contaminated water that expanded operational capabilities while sharply reducing costs; and established strong and influential relationships with home- and country-office clients and management teams.

Prior to his work on IRS, he designed and delivered training to industrial environmental engineers in EMS, toxics use reduction and resource efficiency for Massachusetts state-wide regulatory implementation. He trained environmental officers in support of Central American Free Trade Agreement environmental capacity development programs, and consulted with the government of Guatemala for wastewater regulatory development. He has experience in municipal, industrial, nonprofit, consulting and governmental environments.


  • Environmental health and safety management
  • Environmental engineering and science
  • USAID environmental compliance
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German

Key Projects

  • Africa Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS), USAID
  • CAFTA-DR Environmental Cooperation Program
  • Pakistan Safe Drinking Water and Hygiene Promotion Project, USAID
  • Bolivia Integrated Food Security Program, USAID
  • Toxics Use Reduction Act Amendments Implementation (Massachusetts)
  • Proyecto Ak’Tenamit (Guatemala) Drinking Water System Design and Installation


Peter Chandonait