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Scott P.
Novak, Ph.D.

Principal Associate, Health & Environment

Scott Novak is a highly accomplished behavioral scientist with specializations in substance abuse and mental health prevention and treatment. Within these fields he has an extensive background in prescription drug abuse, marijuana and drug policy. He also holds subject matter expertise in program evaluation, data-driven performance management and statistical analyses. He leads Abt's health services research program, concentrating on the opioid epidemic through grants and contracts with federal, state and pharmaceutical clients.

Before joining Abt, Novak was a senior research scientist/manager for Battelle, where he developed and implemented strategic business plans for subject matter areas involving prescription drugs and legalized marijuana.

Novak also worked at RTI International for more than a decade, where he served as a senior research scientist in the Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Division. During his tenure, he served as a project director on approximately 20 government and commercial contract and grants addressing issues such as health services, policy, clinical epidemiology, public health, criminology, and economics research. Novak conceptualized and implemented the first international study of prescription drug abuse in the European Union, and he led the first comparative effectiveness study of medication assisted treatments for opioid use disorder in the U.S..

Novak is recognized for pioneering the method of combining web-panel recruitment with targeted sampling as a cost-effective alternative to probability studies for recruiting hard-to-reach populations into public policy evaluation research.

Before coming to RTI in 2004, Novak was an assistant professor of community health policy at Brown University.


  • Program evaluation
  • Data-driven performance management
  • Statistical analyses
  • Research and evaluation methods
Scott P. Novak