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Irazola, Ph.D.

Principal Associate

Seri Irazola is a social science expert with nearly two decades of experience on a broad array of policy topics and a specialty in justice-related issues. She plays a leading role in Abt’s work on violence prevention, behavioral health, criminal justice, child welfare, and public health. She has worked extensively with the Department of Justice, including the National Institute of Justice and Office of general Counsel, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Office of Justice Programs. Her work has included research and evaluations, business plans, white papers, and training.

Irazola serves as project director for the National Evaluation of Lead For America, a non-profit that promotes education, pathways, and systems change. She serves as project director for the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ (BJS) Jail Feasibility Assessment. She oversaw data collection, analysis, and reporting findings and recommendations gleaned from jail administrators on the feasibility of national collection. For BJS’s Federal Justice System Program (FJSP), she serves oversees the Civil Data Series, which aims to include civil data into the FJSP. Irazola leads several cross-group business development efforts and works to improve client services.

Irazola co-founded and served as chief executive officer of Giving Science Dimension (GSD) LLC. At GSD, she authored nearly a dozen white papers, led an evaluation of Department of Justice-funded tools to assist original victims in cases of wrongful conviction, and helped establish a business plan to re-purpose closed prisons into trade schools. She also created and tested a training module for Washington DC’s law enforcement first responders for working with people who are hearing impaired. She previously served in senior roles at ICF International and the Urban Institute and as Director of the Department of Justice Office of Research and Evaluation.


  • Program Evaluation
  • Criminal Justice Research
  • Research Design
  • Business Development
  • Public Speaking

Key Projects:

  • Jail Feasibility Study (BJS)
  • Lead for America National Evaluation
  • Civil Data Series for the FJSP (BJS)


  • Irazola, S., Williamson, E., Stricker, J., Niedzwiecki, N. (2016). Understanding Victims Experiences of Wrongful Conviction. Violence and Victims, Vol. 31 (1): 155-166.
  • Irazola, S., Williamson, E., Niedzwiecki, N., Debus-Sherrill, S., & Sun, J. (2015). Keeping Victims Informed: Service Providers’ and Victims’ Experiences Using Automated Notification Systems. Violence and Victims, Vol. 30 (3): 533-544.
  • Rosenfeld, R., Spivak, H., and Irazola, S. (2017). Assessing and Responding to the Recent Homicide Rise in the United States. The National Institute of Justice Journal, USDOJ.
  • Ballard, M., and Irazola, S. (2019). Extreme Risk Protection Orders: The Relationship between Courts and Mental Health Providers in Combating Firearm Violence. GSD White Paper Series: Washington, DC.
  • Boland, C., Lombardo M., and Irazola, S., (2019). Equipping the US Foster Care System as a Front Line of Defense Against Child and Youth Sex Trafficking. GSD White Paper Series: Washington, DC.
Seri Irazola, Ph.D., Principal Associate