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50 Years of
Bold Thinking

Clark Abt family woman

In 2014 Abt Associates kicks off a year-long commemoration of the company’s founding in January 1965. That year Clark Abt brought together 30 scientists, engineers, and educators to create a new kind of company that used interdisciplinary social science research to solve social, economic, and technological problems.

A Disease We
Can Defeat


Student tucking in a bed net at Gulu Public School in northern Uganda. Sprayer offering guidance to residents. Clinical officer conducting rapid diagnostic test.

Malaria is not a mysterious disease. We have long understood how it weakens hundreds of millions and kills hundreds of thousands each year and we have the methods for curing and preventing this illness. Learn more about Abt Associates’ work in malaria across Africa via an interactive map and video.

Laying Groundwork for Green Prosperity in Indonesia

Mamuju, West Sulawesi, Indonesia Mamasa, West Sulawesi, Indonesia

Abt Associates conducted assessments and designed tools to make Indonesia’s green development agreement a reality, helping this country balance environmental preservation and economic opportunity for its 250 million people.


Improving Women &
Children’s Health
in Nigeria

AIRS Project SHOPS Project

Abt’s projects in Nigeria are ensuring reliable drug supplies, improving access to key maternal and child health care services, helping women to plan their reproductive futures, and strengthening both the public and private health sectors.


Evaluating the Impact of Several U.S. Food Programs

grocery shopping farmers market eating lunch

U.S. food security programs help millions of low-income Americans avoid hunger. Abt is helping to improve these programs by evaluating healthy eating interventions that provided nutritious snacks in schools, additional dollars to buy food outside of school, and incentives to buy healthier food.

Improving the Effectiveness of STEM Education Programs

science math

Global demand is growing for workers knowledgeable in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — subjects collectively known as STEM. Abt Associates — through its evaluation work — is helping to refine programs designed to increase the STEM knowledge of teachers, the STEM performance of students, and the professional preparation of STEM  researchers.          GO

Upcoming Conferences

  • Abt Presenting Research at Population Assoc. Meeting
    May 1, 2014

    Abt Associates staff will join thousands of other researchers and others at the Population Association of America’s (PAA) annual meeting.
    Learn more about this conference.
  • Abt SRBI on Telephone Survey Methodology at AAPOR
    May 15, 2014

    Abt SRBI staff is giving 18 presentations and moderating discussions at the 69th annual American Association for Public Opinion Research Conference.
    Learn more about this conference.

Questions We're Addressing

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How Does Climate Change Affect Crime in the U.S.?

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How do Multiple Chronic Conditions Impact an Individual’s Quality of Life?

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How Can Community-based Housing Connected to Health Services Serve Vulnerable Populations?

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Why Is Investing in Rigorous Evaluation so Important?

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New Directions In Social Experiments image  
New Directions In Social Experiments image
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Malaria spraying
World Malaria Day: Investing in a Malaria-free Future  Learn More >
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