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Designing an Early Warning System to Adapt to Climate Change

Abt Associates’ contributed to Time to Adapt, a new book from the Global Environment Facility. In chapter six, Abt’s staff highlight The Gambia’s development of an early warning system designed to improve data collection, analysis, and information sharing among farmers and other stakeholders.


Working Across Nigeria to Improve Health, Governance, and Food Security

In the last decade, Abt Associates has worked across much of Nigeria under ever-changing circumstances and sometimes difficult environments. Our efforts have addressed family planning, maternal and child health, malaria, drug and vaccine access, agriculture and trade, HIV and TB, and more. 

Fighting Hunger When School is Out: The Impact of a Summer Food Program 

Abt Associates and its partners conducted a random assignment evaluation of the USDA Summer Electronic Benefits Transfer for Children demonstration in 2011, 2012, and 2013, which offered cash incentives to reduce summertime food insecurity among eligible children. 

Videos: Speaking Out About Family Planning, Gender Roles in Jordan

The Jordan Communication, Advocacy, and Policy (JCAP) project partnered with a local non-government organization to teach young people in conservative governorates about family planning. Twenty Jordanians from ages 18 to 29 produced short, but compelling movies promoting family planning practices. 

Supporting the Deepwater Horizon Damage Assessment and Restoration Plan 

Abt Associates’ staff played a major role in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill natural resource damage assessment (NRDA), providing comprehensive NRDA injury assessment and restoration planning support to federal and state trustee agencies. 

Videos: Helping Farmers Grow in South Sudan

The Food, Agribusiness, and Rural Markets (FARM) Project, led by Abt Associates, has helped thousands of farmers improve their yields, expand their businesses, and access markets in South Sudan. Margret Oliver Duku is one of them.

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