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Expanding Abt’s Environmental Capabilities

rocky river glacier wind farm
Abt Associates and Boulder, Colo.-based Stratus Consulting have merged, deepening Abt’s expertise and skills in environmental and ecological science. Stratus is becoming part of an expanded Environment and Natural Resources division at Abt.

EVIRATER: Rating the Strength of Evidence in Evaluations

Using evidence to guide decisions is important, but few tools exist to assess the quality of evidence produced by a full range of research designs. Abt Associates is changing this with EVIRATER, a system for rating the strength of evidence that expands on existing rating systems.

Turning the Tide Against Malaria in Northern Uganda

Districts in Northern Uganda have seen dramatic declines in malaria prevalence since the Abt Associates-led Uganda Indoor Residual Spraying Project Phase II began conducting indoor residual spraying in the area.

The Future of Partnerships and Development

Collaboration Post-2015: Where Can Partnerships Take Development? Looking Post-2015, How Can We Take PPPs to Scale? Ricardo Michel, USAID
To close its 50-year anniversary celebration, Abt Associates convened the first event in its Bold Thinker Series by holding a panel discussion focusing on the increasingly important role public-private partnerships are playing in improving health and economic well-being on a global scale.

Protecting Health Care Gains, Strengthening Farmers in
South Sudan

In the world’s youngest country - South Sudan - much work remains in building a high-functioning health system and ensuring that farmers maximize their yields and access markets. Abt Associates is leading two USAID-funded, five-year projects in South Sudan working toward these goals.

Improving Programs that
Address Infant Mortality and Child Health in the U.S.

Abt Associates, through collaborative learning, technical assistance, and program evaluations, is addressing complex infant, child, and maternal health issues. Abt supports efforts that tackle the challenge of low birth weight, pre-term birth, maternal mortality, and unmet childhood health needs.

Laying Groundwork for Green Prosperity in Indonesia

Mamuju, West Sulawesi, Indonesia Mamasa, West Sulawesi, Indonesia

Abt Associates conducted assessments and designed tools to make Indonesia’s green development agreement a reality, helping this country balance environmental preservation and economic opportunity for its 250 million people.


Upcoming Conferences

  • Global Health Mini-University
    Mar 2, 2015

    Abt's International Health experts will present at the Mini-University, an annual gathering of global health professionals and students sponsored by USAID and the George Washington University Milken Institute of Public Health.
    Learn more about this event.
  • SREE 2015 Spring Conference
    Mar 5 - Mar 7, 2015

    The Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE) Spring 2015 Conference highlights the role of research in creating and supporting learning and growth from early childhood through college and beyond.
    Learn more about this event.

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