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Inclusive Culture

As a global community, Abt celebrates and thrives on different perspectives, cultures, expertise, and points of view. We demonstrate these qualities in our work and our workplace, where we are all given opportunities to contribute and grow personally and professionally. To this end, each of us knows our work day will be spent supporting these statements:

  • I value individuals of all races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexes, sexual orientations and identities, ages, mental and physical abilities, and nationalities.
  • I actively build a diverse Abt community that collaborates with and reflects those we serve.
  • I empower and create opportunity so all voices are heard regardless of background and expertise.

We are an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. Abt is dedicated to equity across and at the intersections of gender, sex, race, ethnicity, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, age, national origin, military status, pregnancy status, and any other protected category or personal characteristic. This is how we work, every day.

Economic Dividends for Gender Equality

In 2019, Abt Associates received global EDGE certification. EDGE is the leading global assessment and business certification for gender equality in the workplace.

Abt Associates is certified EDGE Assess at the global level.

To achieve global certification at EDGE Assess, over 80% of our global workforce has been assessed and certified under the EDGE Certification System. The following country-level certificates have been granted:

  • Abt Associates, United States of America – EDGE Assess
  • Abt Australia, Australia – EDGE Assess

Minimum Standards for Mainstreaming Gender Equality

We are also an endorser of the Minimum Standards for Mainstreaming Gender Equality committed to meeting and exceeding the minimum bar for acceptable programming and mainstreaming gender equality and social inclusion in our work.

100% Talent: The Boston Women’s Compact

As a member of 100% Talent: The Boston Women’s Compact, Abt has pledged to take “concrete, measurable steps toward closing the gender gaps in wages and representation in our organization.”

Global Health 50/50

Abt Associates is a proud participant in the Global Health 50/50 Report, an initiative created to advance accountability and action for gender equality in global health.

Employee Networking Groups

Employee Networking Groups enrich the experience of working at Abt through advocacy and support. Groups provide staff with opportunities for personal and professional development through knowledge-sharing, mentoring, networking, leadership development, and community involvement.

Black at Abt strives to facilitate the success of Abt’s Black employees by enriching their professional lives, creating connections, and promoting environments that welcome, value, and leverage our diversity while contributing to our communities. Our mission is to cultivate Black leaders at Abt and beyond, support our black staff members, empower the communities where we operate, and transform our respective fields to reflect the diversity of its members.

Emerging Leaders is Abt’s Young Professionals Group, committed to providing junior staff with support, organization, development, and structure so that they might exercise their own agency in pursuit of a better Abt.

PRISM provides and promotes LGBTQIA+ visibility among staff and with Abt management to raise awareness about the workplace and social issues that affect the LGBTQIA+ community. Through networking, educational events, outreach, and allyship, PRISM strives to create a safe space for all LGBTQIA+ employees while maintaining diversity in thoughts and ideas across Abt in order to help fully realize Abt’s overall mission.

Wellbeing at Abt is dedicated to guiding staff on the journey to inner peace of mind and calmness. Our objective is to raise awareness and advocate on behalf of healthy work-life balance practices, and provide support for staff to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Wellbeing at Abt seeks to bring all employees together to recognize the importance of Wellness, and its many facets, globally.