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Timor Pullquote

While individual training and organisational change are necessary, by themselves they are insufficient: capacity development requires institutional change and reform.
Graham Teskey
Principal Global Lead, Governance
Graham Teskey

Expanding Our Impact

Two-thirds of 1.17 million Timorese people still live below US$2 per day, and while child mortality rates have improved, many children under five still die of preventable and treatable diseases. High birth rates, limited family planning, and a bulging youth population places pressure on government and a weak private sector to create meaningful jobs and shore up national stability.

Through the Partnership for Human Development, Abt is supporting Timor-Leste’s goal to transition to an upper middle-income country, with a healthy, well-educated and safe population by 2030. Across health, education, sanitation, water, nutrition, gender equality, disability, and social protection, the partnership is helping the Government of Timor-Leste to reduce poverty, improve equality and expand wellbeing for coming generations of Timorese people.

Number of women registered in the Liga Inan Programme – programme supported by PHD for expectant mothers and their babies.