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Egypt rural agribusiness strengthening is a value chain from farm to fork project aimed at developing the abilities of horticultural industry actors to better understand international and domestic buyer demand, and respond positively to market signals, thus increasing incomes, improving livelihood of rural communities and creating job opportunities along the value chains.
Dr. Walid Yehia Sallam
Associate Professor, Department of Agriculture, Cairo University

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In recent years, Egypt has seen an increase in quality of life, extensive improvements in the education sector and a reduction in infant and maternal mortality rates. However, the country needs to maintain sustainable productivity and prosperity. Abt-led initiatives have strengthened workforce development and competitiveness, assessing how it impacts tourism, agribusiness and other sectors. Abt analyzed the potential impacts of climate change on Egypt’s economy, particularly its water supplies, agriculture, sea level and air quality. Abt also studied how to systematically organize health systems and institutional reforms.

Estimated decrease in agricultural production in Egypt by 2060 (Climate Risk Management Program, 2015)

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