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Australia Solicitations

Abt Associates is defined by its mission: to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of people worldwide. Our global staff works in more than 60 countries and our work is funded by governments, international organizations and the private sector.

We depend on a variety of partner organizations, businesses, and independent contractors to support client projects. We focus on selecting the right partner by conducting competitive procurements to obtain the best value. Depending on the need and requirements, we issue tenders for quotations (RFQs), requests for proposals (RFPs), requests for information (RFIs), requests for applications (RFAs), and independent contractor opportunities. Our grant and tender processes are competitive and are consistent with the Australian Commonwealth Procurement and Grant Guidelines.

We do not accept unsolicited applications for opportunities that are not specified here.

REQUEST FOR TENDER: PSLR-2019-001: Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct (“Precinct”) Tracer Study


Background / Overview
The Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct (Precinct) is a partnership between the Government of Papua New Guinea (GoPNG) and the Government of Australia (GoA) to support the development of ethical and capable public-sector leaders in PNG.

The goal of the Precinct is to support the efforts of the GoPNG to grow a new generation of ethical public service leaders, both men and women, capable and motivated to collaborate, lead and manage the delivery of equitable and inclusive government services.

Abt Associates on behalf of the Precinct is seeking submissions from suitable organizations with the expertise and capability to provide services required for the Precinct Tracer Study.

Through a Request for Tender (RFT), Abt Associates seeks to establish a services contract with a service provider to trace Precinct program participants and establish the extent to which they have benefited from the Precinct training and now possess the required competencies to undertake their roles and responsibilities.

Engagement Deliverables
The consultancy will work with stakeholders from the GoPNG, the GoA and the Precinct team at Abt Associates to agree on the design, methodology, and tools to employ for the Tracer Study. The consultancy will then undertake and report on the Tracer Study per the Terms of Reference for the work.

Tender Particulars
Closing date and time for RFT submissions: 19 February 2019, 5:00 pm Port Moresby local time

Tender documentation:

Enquires should be made to

REQUEST FOR TENDER: EGIG-2018-003 - Examining Internet Pricing Models for Papua New Guinea


Background / Overview
The Business Council of Papua New Guinea (BCPNG), the Australian High Commission to Papua New Guinea and the Economic Governance and Inclusive Growth Partnership delivered by Abt Associates intend to support an evidence-based research activity to contribute to discussions about improving the affordability of retail internet in PNG.

The purpose of the research activity is to produce an evidence-based report for the BCPNG that clearly shows the benefits to business, government and the community of improved internet affordability in PNG. The report will identify the retail price currently faced by businesses in PNG, and how these compare to other countries. It will then provide a proposed price-point and pricing structure, estimating the gains for business and the community with more affordable internet. Finally, the report will propose a structure of the State Owned Enterprise (SOE) wholesale provider that will maintain profitability and ensure the Coral Sea Cable translates to increased affordability for business and consumers.

Engagement Deliverables
Delivery of a final report to BCPNG and advocacy materials.

Tender Particulars
Closing date and time for RFT submissions: 31 January 2019, 5:00 pm Port Moresby local time.

Tender documentation:

Enquires should be made to

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: Investing In Women Program - Provision of Research Services


Abt Associates on behalf of the Investing in Women Program is seeking proposals from Organisations (consulting firms, think tanks, market research companies, university academics, profit-oriented companies, non-profit organizations and independent researchers) interested in providing services for the Research on Impact Investing in Women SME’s. If your Organisation chooses to lodge a “Proposal” it must be submitted on the terms of this document and the attached parts (together referred to as the “Request for Proposal” or “RFP”). The required services (the “Services”) are described in detail in Part 2 – Scope of Research Services.


2.1. To improve the prospects for investing in women’s SMEs in Southeast Asia, more market data is needed to identify untapped market opportunities for investments. This call for research proposals aims to build impact investing industry knowledge by generating reliable data and research insights on the investable market landscape of women’s SMEs, including the environment in which they operate. Studies should be geared towards the needs of the impact investing community.

2.2. Investing in Women wishes to use this research as a basis to: expand understanding of market opportunities; map out promising growth sectors and unserved/ underserved areas; and highlight evolving approaches and tools that enhance investments opportunities for women’s SMEs.

2.3. This research seeks to explore the types of finance women entrepreneurs are accessing (or not accessing) in any or all of the three focus countries. Investing in Women is interested to understand motivations and challenges of women SMEs in accessing finance from formal sources and to uncover factors that affect their capacity to access investment capital. The research will also look at why women SMEs are accessing capital from informal sources of capital.

2.4. Additionally, data and insights gathered from the research will guide Investing in Women’s C2 impact investing activities and broader objectives of moving capital with a gender lens to Southeast Asia. This initial research may lead to longer-term research partnerships, possibly into a Phase 2 of Investing in Women (2019-2023), for example through broader longitudinal studies of women’s SMEs and the other themes of gender lens investing. Thus, there is potential and interest to build longerterm partnerships.

2.5. Under this Call for Research Proposal, funding is available for research concepts covering C2’s target markets: Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The Call for Research Proposals is also open to supporting research proposals with multiple funding sources, and/or to supporting existing work that could be expanded and deepened to support the goals of Investing in Women. Preference will be given to concept notes that provide immediate, actionable intelligence for impact investors; focus on a subset of the investable women’s SME market segment; and offer opportunities for a broader research agenda.

2.6. The proposed research work must be completed within six months from initial approval or until the end of April 2019. Allocated budget for a six-month research output is a maximum of AUD 120,000, covering all three C2 countries. An individual budget proposal covering less countries will be adjusted accordingly.

Key dates in the procurement timeline are presented below:

  • 8 August 2018 – Call for Research Proposals commences
  • 31 August - Deadline of submission of research concept notes
  • 3 September - Shortlisting of research applications
  • 5 September – Successful parties advised of need to submit a complete proposal
  • 19 September – Deadline of submission of complete research proposals
  • 20/21 September – Selection panel deliberations and interviews
  • 24 September – Notification of successful researchers and/or organisations
  • 25-28 September- Research plan and budget confirmation
  • 17/18 October – Finalisation of research agreements
  • Nov – March – progress reports and deliverables as agreed
  • 31 March 2019 – Delivery of preliminary research outputs
  • Q2-2019 – Completion of research deliverables

All enquiries or clarifications sought regarding this RFP must be directed to Investing in Women Contracts and Procurement at

RFP: Abt Associates: Request for Proposal - Investing In Women: Provision of Research Services

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