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Australia Solicitations

Abt Associates is defined by its mission: to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of people worldwide. Our global staff works in more than 60 countries and our work is funded by governments, international organizations and the private sector.

We depend on a variety of partner organizations, businesses, and independent contractors to support client projects. We focus on selecting the right partner by conducting competitive procurements to obtain the best value. Depending on the need and requirements, we issue tenders for quotations (RFQs), requests for proposals (RFPs), requests for information (RFIs), requests for applications (RFAs), and independent contractor opportunities. Our grant and tender processes are competitive and are consistent with the Australian Commonwealth Procurement and Grant Guidelines.

We do not accept unsolicited applications for opportunities that are not specified here.

Request for Proposal: IW-RFP-06 - Online Survey on Gender Norms


Background / Overview

Abt Associates Pty Ltd (ACN 091591294) is managing Investing in Women (IW), an Initiative of the Australian Government Department, on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT, as the Client). IW promotes women’s economic empowerment by redressing socio-cultural barriers to women’s full economic participation, whether in leadership positions, access to capital, labour force participation, or workplace equality in the Philippines Indonesia, Vietnam, and – to a certain extent – Myanmar.

To gain a deeper understanding of women’s and men’s perceptions of gender equality, this Request for Proposal (RFP) process is intended for IW to collect data on social norms, attitudes and practices concerning women’s economic empowerment for targeted segments of the general public through online surveys in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam (“Target Countries”) and to track the effectiveness of IW's gender norms campaign by procuring the services of a provider to deliver Online Survey Services across the three Target Countries in 2020 and with an option to deliver those services again in 2023. IW is also seeking optional services as follows: a) Delivery of Online Survey Services for a fourth country, Myanmar; and b) Qualitative Panel Services in the three Target Countries.


IW aims to provide an understanding of how gender norms are perceived by targeted segments of the general public as defined in the RFP. This will inform the development and implementation of IW’s campaign to influence gender norms. Another purpose is to provide IW with an on-going understanding of the context and emerging issues relevant to gender norms and women’s economic empowerment and to track the effectiveness of IW’s gender norms campaign activities.

Engagement Deliverables

The selected Proponent is expected to provide the following services:

a) Unique and verified survey respondents meeting the criteria listed in Part 1 - clause 2.4 of the RFP

b) Conduct data collection and deliver the agreed number of unique quality-checked response data

c) Analysis of findings around each identified gender norm identifying major trends or issues

d) Optional: Qualitative Panel Services including panel participants (as outlined in Part 1 – section 3 of the RFP)

Tender Particulars

Request for Proposal submissions closes on 28 February 2020 at 5:00 PM, Philippine standard time (UTC +8:00).


Enquiries should be made to: IW Contracts at

RFP documentation:

Request for Proposal: PSLR-2019-012a - Re-Tender of National Public Service GESI Policy Review & Advisory Services


Background / Overview
Abt Associates on behalf of the Australian Government through the Public Sector Leadership and Reform Partnership is seeking submissions from suitable organizations (consulting firms, non-profit organizations, academic institutions etc.) with the expertise and capability to provide policy review advisory services to support the Department of Personnel Management to review and revise the National Public Service Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) Policy.

Since 2016, the Australian Government, through the Public Sector Leadership and Reform Partnership, has supported the Department of Personnel Management with the implementation of the GESI policy. This includes subnational roll-out of GESI Policy through Policy Implementation Planning Sessions with Provincial and District Administrations and Provincial Health Authorities, central and subnational delivery of Male Advocacy Training, and the development Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and Database.

The Department of Personnel Management has requested support from the Australian Government to enable the technical review and revision of the GESI Policy given it has been over six years since the launch of the policy.

Provision of research, review and advisory services to support Department of Personnel Management to revise the GESI Policy.

Engagement Deliverables
Research and Delivery of final report and presentation to Government of Papua New Guinea and Australian High Commission through the Public Sector Leadership and Reform Partnership.

Approach to Market
Those interested in participating in this competitive approach to market can request the Request For Proposal (RFP) documentation from the Abt Associates Contact Officer at – or can access the RFP documents from

Organisations that are registered outside of Papua New Guinea are required to partner in a consortium arrangement with a PNG registered entity in order for them to participate in this RFP. Details of the proposed consortium arrangement must be included with the proposal submission

RFP documentation is made up of the following:

  • Parts 1-4 Request for Proposal (PDF)
  • Part 5 Proposal Response Schedule (Word)
  • Part 6 Draft form of Contract (PDF)

Industrial Briefing: 19 February 2020 from 2:00pm  - 3:00pm PNG Local Time at Abt Associates Office, Ravalian Haus Level 2, Harbour City, Port Moresby, PNG. Teleconferencing will be available to those outside of Port Moresby.

Request For Proposal submissions closes on Monday 16 March 2020 at 5:00 PM, PNG local time.

Enquires should be made to

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