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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea country page quote

Imagine a world where the poor have an identity and a voice, where they can easily access microloans, insurance, and send cheap remittances, where their vote counts, where their health and education and land ownership histories are always available to them, where they own their own history and decide who can see it.
Hugh McDonough
Director of Global Innovation

Building Strong Communities

Papua New Guinea’s cultural and natural diversity make it one of the world’s most dynamic countries. However, the country’s economic growth has yet to deliver better national security, stability, prosperity and basic services for most citizens. Abt Associates’ deep association with Papua New Guinea began in 1999. We work in health, leadership development, decentralization and citizen engagement, and economic governance and inclusive growth to support security, stability and basic service delivery for all Papua New Guineans.

The dollar cost-per-unit for an Abt produced, solar-powered device that can create unique, blockchain-protected IDs that will enable residents to conduct digital financial transactions

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