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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone country quote

It is estimated that about 2,240,000 outpatient visits are due to malaria every year, of which about 1,000,000 patients are under 5 years old.
Laurent Nkera Iyikirenga
Chief of Party, PMI VectorLink Project, Sierra Leone
Laurent Nkera Iyikirenga

Expanding Our Impact

After making economic and democratic gains since its civil war ended in 2002, Sierra Leone was severely hurt by the Ebola outbreaks in 2014. The majority of the population currently lives in rural poverty and is at risk of contracting infectious diseases when they arise, such as malaria and HIV. Abt is focused on reducing the threat of infectious diseases by helping the country target setting and strengthening health services. We’re also working to help Sierra Leone, and other countries in the region, take advantage of trading opportunities and initiatives with major economic markets such as the United States. The USAID-funded, Abt-led West Africa Trade and Investment Hub trained government officials in Sierra Leone on trade agreement standards to facilitate intraregional and global commerce.

Annual outpatient visits for malaria