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Turkmenistan country quote

Today, evidence-based practices are the foundation for medical care. Health care agencies use data for decision making and implementing best practices such as Safe Motherhood program that benefit patients in Turkmenistan and other parts of Central Asia in which Abt has worked.

Expanding Our Impact

Abt has helped implement change in some of Turkmenistan’s most vulnerable populations. Abt supports USAID’s C5+1 Adaptation project, which provides climate risk analyses and climate adaptation planning to Turkmenistan leadership. We also supported the agency’s Quality Health Care Project (QHCP), which focused on strengthening Turkmenistan’s health systems. We enabled improvements made at the facility level, addressing necessary changes needed in HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and maternal and child health treatments. The project saw an increase in the utilization of health services and improvement in health outcomes. We used our education expertise to improve teacher training programs and finance mechanisms and promoted transparent spending for Turkmenistan schools.

Reduction in under-5 mortality rate through the duration of QHCP