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Supplier Resources

Abt Associates routinely partners with organizations and businesses of all types and sizes -- including universities, nonprofits and consultants -- to deliver comprehensive, high quality, and innovative solutions. Our collaboration with suppliers is critical to client success.

We provide acquisition services to Abt Associates global enterprise, supporting both division direct project and corporate indirect spend requirements throughout the entire procurement lifecycle. 

We have strong strategic relationships with our suppliers and a commitment to deliver solutions that meet the highest professional standards for success. Our business systems and processes make it easy for suppliers to partner with us. And we have an unwavering commitment to fairness, integrity and transparency in all procurement transactions. 

Independent Contractors 

Abt Associates frequently partners with technical experts for short-term assignments. It is our policy that, when needed, we will contract for services from qualified individuals through the use of consulting agreements. A consulting agreement is entered into only after a good faith assessment is made to determine if the individual meets the definition of an independent contractor, consistent with U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines, state laws and international standards.

Consultant Questionnaire

Partner Registry

If you are interested in partnering with Abt Associates on current work or potential future opportunities, let us know by joining the Partner Registry or, if already registered, by updating your entry.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

It is Abt Associates’ policy to ensure that all required and applicable prime contract flow-down terms and conditions are incorporated into procurements that support Abt Associates’ Federal prime contracts.

When utilizing the terms and conditions set forth below, Abt Associates shall notify the Supplier regarding which set of terms and conditions are applicable to an individual Agreement.

The terms and conditions set forth below are not inclusive of the required flow-down terms and conditions for every procurement action. Thus, additional terms and conditions may be applicable to an individual purchase order, consultant contract or subcontract as specified therein.

Below are links to Abt Associates’ General Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

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