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Vietnam country page quote

Planning for future energy generation and transmission needs should ensure a robust and flexible grid that can handle higher levels of renewable energy.
Lindsay Foley
Low-Emission Climate-Resilient Development | Mitigation
Lindsay Foley

Building Strong Communities

Vietnam has one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia, but an estimated 250,000 people are living with HIV. Abt Associates has been implementing HIV projects in Vietnam since 2001, addressing key needs in HIV prevention, policy development, and financing of services. Abt also implemented innovative interventions addressing avian and pandemic influenza.  With donor support for HIV services being sharply reduced, the sustainability of treatment and prevention is crucial.  Abt is providing technical support to Vietnam’s transition from an HIV response predominantly funded by donors to one financed primarily through the government’s Social Health Insurance scheme. We are also expanding the creation of clean energy and examining how financial incentives encourage companies to create and market innovations that promote food security, health, and nutrition.

HIV-related deaths expected to be averted due to expanded coverage of social health insurance.