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Uzbekistan country quote

Abt helped Uzbekistan cope with the reality of a post-Soviet world in which Moscow’s financial and administrative support abruptly ended. We helped transform not only the structure of their health systems including strengthening PHC and introducing strategic health purchasing to address the over-reliance on hospitals and specialist physicians but also empowering patients and communities to become more involved in their health care.

Expanding Our Impact

Uzbekistan’s health systems were in need of a complete transformation after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989.  The primary care sector was receiving only 25 percent of all health care resources while the majority of resources were sent to expensive hospital care and outpatient specialists. Abt led USAID’s Quality Health Care Project (QHCP) in the restructuring Uzbekistan’s health systems, focusing on meeting the needs of its most vulnerable populations. We also investigated the costs of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Uzbekistan, opening the door for alternative energy options. That work included providing climate risk analyses and identifying climate change mitigation investment opportunities. Abt supports USAID’s C5+1 Adaptation project, which provides climate risk analyses and climate adaptation planning to Uzbekistani leadership.

People covered by primary health facilities
16 million