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Jamaica country quote

ZAP is such a wonderful project and we are really grateful for the work carried out in our communities. The technicians are well-mannered and helpful, and they ensure that we are both educated and equipped to tackle ZIKA. I really don’t want this project to end...
- Nickaysia
Householder, St. Thomas, Jamaica

Expanding Our Impact

Abt-supported initiatives in Jamaica are improving climate change adaptation and providing technical assistance to Zika mitigation efforts. Jamaica’s economy has suffered from continuous natural disasters; the USAID-funded CEADIR and AILEG projects helped establish a national climate change policy framework to help get the country back on track. Abt supported disaster risk reduction, climate-smart agriculture and land management efforts to establish climate-resilient, clean energy communities. USAID’s Zika AIRS Project (ZAP)—led by Abt—provides technical assistance, monitoring and evaluation, and implementation tactics to Jamaican communities combating the Zika virus.

Total greenhouse gas emissions in 2013 in metric tons (CEADIR, 2017)
10.3 million