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Botswana country quote

Our study was able to provide Botswana health authorities and managers with best practices and recommendations for determining whether they should outsource non-clinical support services and at what price.
Bob Fryatt
Director of USAID Health Financing and Governance Project

Expanding Our Impact

Years of stability, strong governance and sound fiscal management have improved health systems and outcomes in Botswana. However, as development increases, foreign donors reduce HIV/AIDs aid, a disease that’s still prevalent throughout the country. Abt-led projects have developed financing strategies and policies that enable the private sector to provide a larger share of the funding for HIV/AIDS programs. Additionally, Abt is conducting extensive research that will help to inform the development of Botswana’s national health insurance blueprint.

Highest rate of antiretroviral therapy coverage for all people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa, Asia and Latin America, provided by the Abt-led HFG Project

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