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The Intersect Podcast

The Intersect PodcastChallenges in areas ranging from education to the environment, gender to governance, health to housing don’t exist in a vacuum. Each month, Abt experts from two disciplines explore ideas for tackling these challenges in our monthly podcast, The Intersect.

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Episode 10: Opioids and Employment: How Can We Promote Recovery and Economic Well-Being?
Opioids. Employment. The relationship between the two is complex. Abt experts Karin Martinson and Amy Berninger discuss the co-dependencies, and the efforts to develop programs that both promote recovery from substance use disorders and improve economic well-being. (Listen)

Episode 9: Flu. Coronavirus. Data. Could Analytics Change the Trajectory of a Pandemic?
Be it outbreak, epidemic, or pandemic—human or zoonotic—the goal is to get reliable information on infectious diseases, quickly. Abt experts Laura Edwards and Sung-Woo Cho discuss strategies for harnessing machine learning and data visualization to provide actionable information—at scale—that can help stem a health crisis. (Listen)

Episode 8: Closing the Opportunity Gap – Housing and Education.
Income inequality. Housing affordability. Education achievement gaps. These social determinants of health can impact families over generations. How do we close the opportunity gap to ensure families have the resources and capabilities they need to thrive? (Listen)

Episode 7: Kids First—Systems, Health and Family Well-being.
When parents need support, the services they rely on sometimes fail the family by imposing unnecessary child separations. How can we help systems work together so families can stay together? (Listen)

Episode 6: Defeating TB—Private Sector to Predictive Analytics
How do we defeat tuberculosis? With sustainable solutions. With support from the private sector. With data. (Listen)

Episode 5: Good Governance—Key to Energy Reform
To reform the energy sector in developing countries, good governance is a must. We discuss the challenges of—and solutions for—implementing sound environmental approaches and energy security in “the gray areas” between local and national governments. (Listen)

Episode 4: AI v. Opioids - Fighting Back with Data
At the outset of the opioid crisis, experts didn’t know what to look for. As our mastery of AI and machine learning grows we can marry it to our deeper understanding of this epidemic and use it to create solutions. (Listen)

Episode 3: Silo Busting—Integrating Climate Adaptation and Food Security
Climate adaptation. Agriculture. Sustainability. They’re interconnected, but often addressed independently. What if we combined work with clients such as Feed the Future and CEADIR to address these issues holistically? (Listen)

Episode 2: How Can We Eradicate Infectious Diseases Using Machine Learning?
Machine learning can amplify our work combatting malaria—25 million people protected to date—by applying what we know to other infectious diseases. (Listen)

Episode 1: How Can We Improve Housing Resilience in the Face of Climate Change?
Learn how we can address housing needs as we confront the effects of climate change. (Listen)

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