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Building Sustainable, Resilient Health Systems


  • In communities worldwide, many people can’t pay for health care and quality is substandard.
  • Abt is helping countries reform health financing, improve coverage for those most in need and deliver quality services.
  • Our partners will be able to sustain quality health services and improve health outcomes.
The Challenge

Low- and middle-income countries are committed to universal health coverage (UHC) and better primary health care but steps must be taken to support their getting there. Governments and health providers have to become more accountable. Health financing needs to be improved so people don’t risk financial crisis when they seek health care. Poor, underserved, and socially excluded groups must be ensured equitable access to health care. And more attention must be paid to quality, so that essential health services do what they’re meant to do: improve health and survival.

The Approach

The Abt-led, USAID-funded Local Health System Sustainability project will work with up to 52 countries to strengthen their health systems as a means to achieve UHC and improve population health and well-being. Interventions will focus on reducing financial barriers, holding health services accountable for meeting all clients’ needs and making sure that the care patients receive meets minimum standards. With an eye toward empowering countries to transition away from donor support, the project will team with local organizations to conduct joint capacity assessments and co-design interventions—with local actors leading implementation.

The Results

The $209 million, five-year project began in August 2019 and runs through 2024. Results will be reported as they are achieved.

NOTE: This project was originally called Achieving Sustainability through Local Health Systems. USAID renamed it Local Health System Sustainability in January 2020.


Header Photo: Valérie Baeriswyl for Communication for Development

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Middle East & North Africa
South & Central Asia
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