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Clean Power Asia


  • Lower Mekong countries have rapidly growing electricity requirements, and are uncertain how to expand clean energy use to avoid fossil-fired generation that emits greenhouse gases.
  • Abt provides technical assistance to governments, regulators and private sector actors under this USAID-funded program.
  • The private sector is taking the lead in developing and financing projects, and governments are pursuing policies and programs to increase clean energy use.
The Challenge

Countries in the Lower Mekong region – Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, and Vietnam – have grown an average of six percent per year since 2011. This growth has improved livelihoods, but rising demand for energy and dependence on fossil fuels threaten to entrench the region on the path to dangerous and unsustainable greenhouse gas emissions.

The Approach

USAID’s Abt-led Clean Power Asia encourages power-sector investments in environmentally-friendly, clean energy sources, including bringing more renewable energy into electricity grids. Our approach – enabled by the public sector and led by the private sector – integrates flexible activities that strengthen power systems within and across borders. The project also gathers datasets to support national renewable energy targets and integration of the targets into power development and integrated resource plans.

The Results

The project began in 2016 and runs for five years. CPA has reported $16.5 million in investment in clean energy to date.