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Climate Economic Analysis for Development, Investment, and Resilience


  • Investment in clean energy, adaptation and resilience is held back by uncertainty about the economic and financial benefits of projects
  • Abt provided technical assistance to banks, governments, regulators and other stakeholders under this USAID-funded project
  • Public- and private-sector stakeholders gained understanding and capability to understand and evaluate investments in projects and businesses that are part of low-emissions development strategies
The Challenge

As the climate changes, major weather events become ever more frequent and volatile. This increases the need for mitigation, adaptation, and resilience strategies—and investments in them. But investors often are wary of gambling on such investments, especially innovative approaches. Is there a big enough return to justify the risk? 

The Approach

As the technical lead of a consortium implementing Climate Economic Analysis for Development, Investment, and Resilience (CEADIR), Abt helps make the business case for investing in climate change mitigation and adaptation. CEADIR efforts include:

Adaptation: helping communities and governments assess, invest in, and monitor climate-resilient actions

Clean Energy: help stakeholders prioritize and finance renewable-energy and energy-efficiency opportunities and low-emission development strategies (LEDS)

Sustainable Landscapes: help stakeholders with cost-benefit analyses of sustainable land use

The Results

Abt developed content for more than 20 webinars and delivered technical assistance in nearly 10 countries in Central America, Latin America, the Caribbean, and South America. For example, CEADIR helps Bangladesh, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Peru scale up private-sector financing of clean energy, sustainable landscapes, and climate-change adaptation. In El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, CEADIR helps train commercial banks to expand access to LEDS financing.